Cursed Vision of Sargeras Transmogers

It augments our vision, like Predator, or that guy from Star Trek.
Bah... Pansy cloth lookalike leather :)
12/23/2011 12:45 AMPosted by Xèrn
Bah... Pansy cloth lookalike leather :)

What about the red defias mask? There are many cloth lookalikes, but they are copies of a Rogue-only item. o.O
i've ben seeing a lot of people with a red version of this? hoow do you get it -.-
I vendored mine a few days after getting it last month.

It's overused as !@#$.
It's overused as !@#$.

No !@#$ it is overused? It is overused for a reason. Just like red bloodfang is overused. Because they look %^-*ing amazing. Same reason why I use Judgement transmog on my ret paladin. Yeah everyone is going to be using it, because it is just that bad !@#.
Necro queen
I'm all for wearing what you want, even if it is overused. My problem with CVoS is that I just don't think it looks all that great. I guess I'm in the minority.

BRB this helmet is eating my face.
I don't care if its mainstream or not. I chose the Cursed vision (and the Bloodfang set) to Transmog because it like them! That's all that matters.
Snagged both Cursed Vision and Offhand Glaive on my first Illidan kill, yay RNG!
My monks tried like 12 times to get it with no luck~
I think it looks terrible tbh. Like a turd sitting on your nose.
Necro'd the necro. Nice.
I am partial to eyepatches myself, although I did get the cursed vision of sargeras. I have all the eyepatches in game as well
I actually prefer the T16 helm to the cursed vision... although the cursed vision is pretty legit
All about dem killshades.

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