Sunwell solo posibile?

for starters, i was messing around trying to solo fights that would be "chalangeing", so i thought why not try soloing sunwell i can comfirm we can skip the 1st boss, and head straight to the second Brutalus i this encounter is easy survival wise but then there is that 5m 30s enrage i can get him down to 2000k down from 7000 and something k. i have been pulling some where between 10k and 14k dps this makes it look like some one aculy well geared can solo him and maybe the other bosses. the reason for soloing this would be the legendary bow at the end and lets not forget gold/transmorg gear
10-14k isn't completely horrible, considering all the GCD's you're using on your pet, misdirection, mend pet and such.
A simple google search yielded:

Kalecgos isn't soloable due to encounter mechanics.
Kalecgos isn't soloable due to encounter mechanics
well aware of that and as for 10k-14k being not bad i was not aware XD
3 manned it earlier this year. Wasn't difficult, but my pet tanking brutallus did get hairy a few times without some help, I wouldn't try soloing it. The less DPS you have the more air phases of Felmyst you'll have to do without failing as well, which might be a problem if you've never done it before.

Kalecgos isn't soloable, and it frustrating and force wipes even 3 manning because while your pet tank won't get ported downstairs, you will, bringing the pet with you. But you mention skipping it.

By the time we got to muru and KJ people suddenly wanted to help - Muru would probably be doable solo, not sure if you'll be able to solo kill P2 fast enough. KJ you would definitely have to deal with darkness of 1k souls casts going off because of how long it would take to kill him, and I don't know if you can do those solo - you will have to get in a drake, which means you won't be doing any DPS, and I don't know what you pet does while you're in a drake. If not, maybe you can try surviving without the drake shields, I'm not sure how much they hit for but it's probably only 100k or so, which is survivable now.
Kalecgos is not soloable but can be skiped =D i can tank him fine useing pet cds to reduce damage when he uses stomp i have no idea how twins would work solo however i have done felmyst way to many god damn times to forget how to dodge mc in air phase
Just 2 maned him with a friend pet tank the entire fight
20k dps seems like enough to down brutallus befor enrage trying felmyst she is a glitchy dead dragon
All of it is soloable with the exception of Kalecgos because of mechanics. The most problematic fights are going to be Twins and Mu'ru, but they are doable with videos to prove.
yay =D just got to figure em out myself
felmyst down 2 man affter god knows how long

onto twins =D
i give up T_T will do it some other time
I duo this with a friend every week or so. Muru offers some issues but thats about it.

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