Realm 1st 8/8H DS 10 man LF DPS

Guild Recruitment
<For Science> is 8/8 Heroic 10 man Realm First Madness

Tier 12 7/7H
Tier 11 12/13H

Looking for any exceptional players

we raid 7:30 - 10:30cst mon - thurs

Reply Here or add me on realid
Ele Shaman is preferred would give the rest of the raid buffs we need - will consider any ranged dps however.
looking to add someone to our roster as soon as possible.
Ele Shaman

Ranged DPS

find me - talk to me.
Holidays are nice - Ele Shamans are nicer
We can help with legendary questlines too!
Dps DPS dPs dpS dps DpS
Still looking for an ele shaman - core spot. hit me up.
Sent Real ID request . Like to talk further.
did not get a request. you still around?
YEah you still there?

lol yes - come to my server - Twisting Nether - i'm on my warrior Grammatis
If you aren't on now , ill be on a little christmas day. Sure i can hop on to talk to you in game , or on vent etc.
Adde'd you REAL ID just to let you know. Look forward to talking to you .
Ele shamans exist?
i hope they do.
still looking for an ele

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