A <As Is Tradition> 10 man 8/8H DS

grats on 8/8 guys next time you might consider taking the chunk
No room for the chunk
03/28/2012 05:28 AMPosted by Guyguyguy
No room for the chunk

Always room for the chunk.
Chunk with a side of potato maybe
Needs more chunk.
hurdur LF permanent MT/OT for MoP!
If we have to do DS until xmas im going to explode.

Cmon blizz, screw Diablo.
the mighty chunk, has one honourable kill... was it shorttemper?
Bump for my bestie, Swizzay
Gnomes are so cute
Bump for alliance! and hopefully a good expansion =D
OP needs a update swiz!
09/18/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Nayto
OP needs a update swiz!

Swizzay is far too sexy.... I mean, busy to update the OP.
Bump from this qt.
Bump for 2/6hm MsV
Grats on 2/6h.

(carried by Crymee)
And his broken face

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