[A] Inept PvE EST LF Holy priest or Rdruid

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Bacon, wrapped in bacon, wrapped in bacon.

Deep fried.

That's just dumb......... everyone knows it needs cheese on top. Jeez Body are you TRYING to scare people away?
Chocolate covered Bacon.
Not sure who that pally troll is.

In any case it sucks that most of our members left for Inept but thats more the fault of what we did then what they did. People want to do what they want to do - its not a job. Its a game and if you arent happy then do something to change your situation.

I wish Inept the best.
Bump for Bacon!
Bump for mages and healers.
Bump 3/8 DS 25 first week
12/29/2011 09:27 PMPosted by Bodywreckér
Bump 3/8 DS 25 first week


3/8 body!
3/8 body!
Bumping for More healers and DPS!
This thread is lacking something...

c wut i did thar?

Hai Guise

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