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Wyrmrest Accord
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With new ideas and trying to involve a few more we have made changes and let loose a bit on the required garb wearing. If you still look for an all dwarven rp guild please do not be afraid to search us out! As of late we are looking for ooc spots and willing to dabble with ooc progression as well as officers to help so if you inquire more just ask!
I'd love to RP with your guild more often.
Now that the Servitors have moved to WrA, there are two large RP guilds sharing Aerie's Peak as their base. Come watch the excitement and Random Arps!

PS: Thanks Norlan. Love you, too .. in a 'I'm-glad-we're-both-blue-side-but-not-someone-I-would-want-to-bring-home-to-Uncle' sort of way.

PPS: Lorcan! I still owe you a Cherry Grog!
Just popping in to say that once we got the situation sorted out, I enjoyed RPing with you last night.
"I don't always kill dwarfs, but when I do I prefer Thunderwings..."

Bumpity and good luck with the guild. Maybe I'll look you lads up on the dwarf I brought over this week :)
I like Dwarves, so a free bump for you!
Back from the dead!!! Hahah, just kidding. After a break due to IRL issues I am back and will be seeking those that wish to stick to dwarves and enjoy the next event I do have planned. Just a quick run over of it... it will involve reactions between dwarven folk and the panderan as to how well they may get along in a setting of many. I hope that others can see at What I am trying to do and wish that if you have any suggestions or comments to please let me know!
Good to see you guys back, Lorcan! Best of luck with recruitment! :)

Thank you for the welcome! Hope to see you and many more around as we grow! :)
A bump from the folks at Kaldorei Resistance.
Looks like I'll have to sneak my way into the Hinterlands after a hard day of Syndicate slaying, it's right in the area, after all.
Creepin' in on the RPs over a stein of some exotic dwarven booze.
Bump from Gylvan's main.
Thanks Gylvan and dont creep too close or we will skin ya Dedren! ;)

*waves to the kaldorei resistance*

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