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Alrighty guys, I really need a few dwarves that want to be key players in the guild and assist me with the Warcouncil effort. Do please get ahold of me as I am looking and pleading to find some that would be willing to stick around for the long haul.
Need more dwarves!!!!

The Warcouncil event will be heading way this evening and am looking for just a few more to join the clan to help build a relationship between us icly and so we as dwarves have a bit more hold with the other races.

If you have intrest please whisper me in game or get ahold of me on here or through mail!
LOL we all need more dwarves.

I'm convinced with how few dwarves we have doing the "dwarf thing" we just need one dwarf mega guild. LOL.

A big tent sort of guild whose primary goal is twofold: 1. Fellowship and a place for dwarf players who enjoy playing dwarves, and 2.) fellow dwarf players who you can build bonds with, play with regularly and experience what WoW has to offer.

RP levels and events, PVE, PVP, etc leave that up to the individual members to implement or lead people in .... but just a big tent dwarf guild.
Like for example you and me Lorcan. We both enjoy playing dwarves, being dwarves in the game but you're more hardcore RP and I'm more light to medium RP built around pve and pvp action in the game. .. but we're both dwarves, we both enjoy being dwarves in the game, and having that sense of beard comaradarie.

I sometimes think a big tent dwarf guild would work with a few firm common sense rules and after that leave things up to the players in terms of what they want to do. As long as you have dwarf players who enjoy playing dwarves in the game and experiencing the game (rp, pvp, pve, etc) together.
I'll be happy to RP with you as long as your members don't try to boot me out of the gryphon roost again. At least that incident ended well in the long run.
Yeah sorry about that, we were all rowdied up ....
One race mega guilds are boring :[ They don't really bring out potienal of some RP'ers as they got lost in the mass, however I do love the fact Dwarf RP is still alive!
I think you might be surprised how regular RP would be in a guild like that, where much is player driven.
Very agreed obmi, I understand that it is not easy to rp a dwarf and mosst have not had great times with the past one race guilds though as of late I would think that we have all lived and learned. I am myself into rp very much so though as of late am not asking my members to be as much as I am. I understand that all have their own ways in playing and thus dabble in a few other things from time to time to keep it changing.

Who knows, maybe we can all get past what was done and do better for the rp in an whole and other dwarven players as well but truth be told.... no matter how great the leader is he is nothing with out the support of his followers. Even more so an even better leader is one that will listen to his group and try to do what is best for all and so I must say that I as of late am trying a bit more to do what is better for us dwarves in a whole with the <Warcouncil> effort.

P.s. The Hobbit was an amazing movie!!!
*bump with his mug of stout*
Happy New Year my Wildhammer cousin! The Brotherhood of Iron is doing an expedition up from Loch Modan through to the Hinterlands on the 5th of January around five in the afternoon.
Our first goal is to clear the passes between Loch Modan and the Wetlands of the Orcs and thin out their numbers (sadly we may never reclaim Dun Algaz but we may at least make the pass a bit safer to travel). Recent travels to the Loch Modan have had a few skirmishes between my Dwarves and enemy Dark Irons so we may need to deal with that lot as well.
Our second goal (but no less important) is a response to a few reports of the Trolls of the Hinterlands gaining some numbers. My Wildhammers don't seem too concerned over the matter (after all the Hinterland Wildhammers have been dealing with them for some time) but if you and your own would like to join us, we'd welcome the company!
I shall be extending the invitation to Obmi and his clan as well. More Dwarves for Troll and Orc bashing make for more interesting times.
It was great having the Thunderwing and Clan silveraxe join us for our event. Thanks so much for joining us!
Well, after a long time of being in the hospital due to events that are out of my control I am back. Currently I am looking for some quality roleplayers that wish to join me in the race specific world. I know that most think of the race specific guilds to be close minded due to past drama on the server and the way we may seem elitist though I wish not any of that to be our goal. The reason why I did this was to bring back the classic feeling of world of warcraft were each race had its own dealings along with its own struggles.

To help with this endevor I am also bringing back the war council. The ultimate goal for that is to get (and with rp and the some what of IC drama) and stablish an real alliance between all of the one race guilds. I know that most seem to want the melting pot effect were they can have everything in one guild and while I do like that the one on one personal interaction both IC and OOC seem to lack when you are in that environment unless you are in your own clique.

I do plan to keep the guild active with the help of others though that is my issue. I am seeking help of others that are willing and or able to take lead roles in my guild. Yes, that dose reqire you to do the In character part of it though what less would you expect on an real rp server. I am in this for the long haul and want others that are willing to put forth effort as well as their own contributions towards the story and the guild both ic an ooc. Though I am not in a rush for such things I just wish that we as Thunderwing would lvl as a guild and progress in our character evolution through story.

If any have questions or wish to offer advice I am all ears. Thank you for reading this and I hoep the one Thunderwing can get back to our rightful place and become something great.

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