Ret Pallies - What dps are you pulling?

I think Ultraxion is a great measuring stick for everyone since there's zero movement and everyone has to stop to press the button throughout the fight. I think it also depends on what dps meter your using and if you're talking about overall end of fight dps or what people remember when they happen to glance at it (which most of us will quote but omit that fact).

Anyway, I use Skada and 30K seems to be a good number for me overall.
I haven't had the chance to go ret on any 10 man fights, and 25 man LFR screws with my computer so much that I don't get an accurate reading. However, in sub-375 ret gear, with LFR Gurthalak (unenchanted), I wound up with about 22k on Blackhorn, which I felt was good considering the multiple target swaps at the beginning of the fight.
I don't pull under 32k. 27-29k on heavy movement fights.
Pulled 55k for this week's LFR Warlord Zon'ozz and 60k for Madness
10m im pulling 30k+ min 45k max, aoe jumps pretty well seen some big numbers, and 5mans pulling 30-50k depending on what boss
That's because you lack tentacles!!

Seriously though it's probably just latency or weird stuff happening in the fight or bad luck. Lately I've noticed myself getting way less AoW procs and I have no idea why. I'm chalking it up to bad luck for the most part, but I wonder if less haste has something to do with it too.

I don't understand how can Latency be such an issue for bad dps...? I'm around 170ms and I pull pretty okay-ish dps on my warrior and DK.

Ha, thinking 170 is bad.
I'd kill for 170.
I'm usually in the 400+ zone, especially lately.
Bloody telstra.
You'll probably feel like a hero in 5 mans as we have some of the best CD burst in the game for those quick 1 minute fights. But be prepared to go back to your warrior as arms will womp on ret all day in a raid setting.
with very simple gear on fights without damage buffs you should be able to attain 25k dps fairly easily. Then from there a bit more gearing will bring things up for you.
Ret DPS is very reliant on two factors: Crits and Procs.
If we get one or the other, our DPS is good.
If we get both, our DPS is great.
If we get neither, or few of both, then our DPS sinks.

Although having the 2-piece T13 is a godsend. Boosted me up by 4k on Blackhorn (29k) and 10k on Madness (52k) LFR this week. The rotation feels alot smoother with the extra Holy Power generation, and it's alot faster to set up Zealotry for burst.

Our DPS in 5-mans is often very high, simply because the fight lengths play to our spec's strength, which is high burst, and the fact that most if not all of our cooldowns are up by the time the next boss fight rolls around.
Hi, 38-40k sustained right now (On fights with no+Damage Modifiers, otherwise upwards to 50k+). WTB Yorsaj kills so I can get a Heroic Slicer.
About 30K on average for me.

Does this mean my epeen is 30" long?
I think i ret may have had a slight hotfix to increase dps. i went in a twilight heroic last night and peaked 47k and avged around 30-40 the rest. im aussie so i get aroind 300-400ms usually and i have yet to get my tentacle sword D:. I just feel ret is an extremely un appreciated class atm.
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Greetings fellow Paladins.

Haste stay outta my GD forums!!
my os was doing 30-32kish on ultraxion but my gear is all around and i have no tier. Our raiding ret was around 40 if i remember right
41k dps on Ultraxion 10 man regular, I'm pretty sure it's the boss for benchmarks. That was 2 weeks ago when 2pc T12 and 2pc T13.
I was doing about 30k on Ultra in normal DS and around 50k on Madness.
I would gladly take a Vulcan mind meld from any of you!

I get my worst dps (of 6 classes) from this guy, even with Clcret and studying "the books" so to speak. But I also feel dogged about learning the craft.

I do wonder about input lag, but would it affect a pally more than a DK? My DK puts up the kinds of numbers listed here.

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