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I'm hit capped and I just reforged a bunch of gear to get closer to expertise cap. Is it more important to reach exp. soft cap than reforge towards, say, haste or crit?
And when I reforged stats I meant I reforged extra hit. So it's not like I'm taking away crit/haste/mastery for expertise, but rather I'm using to opportunity to increase those stats for the sake of getting closer to the expertise soft cap.
And on that note... which secondary stat takes priority? Mastery, haste or crit? (Given hit cap is reached.)
I should probably specify that I mean DPS and not tanking feral. Lol i'm useless.
All five secondary stats are really close together, and nothing you do will make a massive difference in your DPS.

Technically, Hit/Expertise is a net loss, but only by about 100 DPS, which is trivial when you're doing 30k+. I take the small loss to grant what I consider to be a significant quality of life increase, or as I like to put it -100 DPS = +100 fun.

You can opt to focus on a Mastery heavy build or a Haste heavy build. Mastery builds favor mobile or target-switch heavy fights, Haste favors Patchwerk-style fights. Neither will consistenly outperform the other. If you're still on the feral DPS learning curve, I strongly reccomend Mastery as the slower flow will give you time to perfect the rotation. Once you have the rotation down pat, you can opt for whichever playstyle you prefer.
So you're saying that I should stop reforging for expertise and pick either mastery or haste? Not crit then?
No, that's not what I said at all.

Feral DPS stat priority is personal preference. You can choose to cap Hit and Expertise, or you can choose not to. Neither choice is going to make a huge difference. Generally, not-capping is worth 100 DPS more than capping -- but when bad RNG streaks happen it can be frustrating, and really bad RNG streaks (6+ misses in a row) can hurt your DPS, but are very rare.

You effectively have two choices: Whether or not you'll cap Hit and Expertise, and whether you'll focus on Mastery or Haste. These two choices will give you your priority. For example, I chose to cap, and then focused on Mastery: Hit/Exp > Mastery > Crit > Haste. I've also toyed with Hit/Exp > Haste > Crit > Mastery, but I prefered the slower pace of a Mastery focus after capping.

You can also do Mastery > Crit > Haste > Hit/Expertise or Haste > Crit > Mastery > Hit/Expertise.

All four of these combinations are very close to one another once you have the rotation down, and over the course of a DS run, each will have a moment where it outperforms the others.

My understanding is that of the 5 secondary stats, Crit is the only one that shouldn't be made the primary, and it should always be between Haste and Mastery. I think this has to do with the fact taht we have a high crit from our Agility stacking to begin with, so the rating itself isn't as necessary as Haste and Mastery.
That makes so much more sense. Thank you very much! I think I'm going to cap and then prioritize mastery as well. I'm still new at feral and if I went heavy on the haste I'd probably struggle with the rotation.
So since crit is not a priority, should I go ahead and reforge crit to mastery? Or expertise til cap?
Ideally, you reforge in a way that leaves absolutely no extra points in Hit or Expertise, since any Hit beyond %8 and any Expertise beyond 26 do nothing for you.

Fortunately, wowreforge.com uses that very set of priorities, so you can plug your character in and it will optimize your reforging so that no points are wasted.

If you want to change to a different priority order, you would need to adjust the stat weights on that site manually, but they default to capping Hit/Expertise then moving on to Mastery.
what's interesting about feral stats, is that depending on the fight mechanics certain builds/reforges are pulling ahead.

For your gear level, I would probably focus on mastery/crit just for the fun factor in 5 mans, and you won't be missing out much in DS.

If you ever get tier 12 2pc, Haste starts to pull very marginally ahead of mastery. But I was doing a maste/mastery/crit priority for a while and doing very well (could have been the 410 staff! haha). But now I'm pretty much right down the middle. I also prefer to be as close to hit/exp cap as possible for quality of life reasons. If anything I'm okay with being a bit under cap, since it doesn't really hurt ferals that bad.
12/28/2011 04:30 PMPosted by Hodari
what's interesting about feral stats, is that depending on the fight mechanics certain builds/reforges are pulling ahead.

I wouldn't go with "interesting" as my description choice here.

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