Any cool transmog staffs?

Just wondering if anyone could help find a staff that goes with my look, and it would be awesome if you included where the staff is found. Thanks so much, Merry Christmas!
Hmmm, well I don't know if you'll like these but here are some of my favorites.

Ethereum Life-Staff - The Eye(High Astromancer Solarian)
Staff of Dominance - Molten Core(Golemagg the Incinerator)
Staff of the Redeemer - Quest reward of The Cipher of Damnation
Soulkeeper - World drop I think
Staff of Immaculate Recovery - Black Temple(Gurtogg Bloodboil)
Clean lines demand a staff that isn't gaudy. You might try...

Grand Magister's Staff of Torrents - dropped by Felmyst, in Sunwell
Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator - the one I am using, came from the fish boss in the old ZG raid
(Note that it is no longer available, however.)

If you insist on carrying a flashy weapon though, consider...

Apostle of Argus - Archimonde, in Battle of Mt. Hyjal
Vengeful Gladiator's War Staff - once again can be purchased with Honor Points.
(I would actually be using one of these myself, if not for the fact that Power Torrent - being one of the ugliest weapon glow effects in the game - makes them unbearable to look at.)
Frostscythe of Lord Ahune Is what I use when I get a staff. Not sure if you have one of the versions of the staff, but I think it may look decent with your gear.
You can't get it anymore, but Anathema ("evil" side of benediction) is my favorite. It's gotten to the point that I choose staves over any other weapon just so I can transmog Anathema to it. :3
Staff of Infinite Mysteries is also an option.
Staff of Infinite Mysteries is also an option.

I don't understand why anyone doesn't hate this.

What's wrong with it?

It's not my personal cup of tea but I don't think it looks bad either. Every other staff I thought of has already been mentioned in this thread. :)

And it doesn't go badly with OP's look.
Nothing goes with that pink tabard! Lol.
I use the Cadaver staff from ICC. It's darker in cooler and goes nicely with a chess board as well.
I'm partial to my Staff of Divine Infusion, white goes with just about anything. Looks ok with Power Torrent on it, the graphic isn't completely hidden like some weapons do. The only snag is that it's a random Outlands BOE, so depends on your server's AH.

Soul Releaser Normal/heroic Halls of Origination (Earthrager Ptah)
(i know ppl dont trasmog much to Cata items, but i think this staff just look awesome)

it's recolored versions for casterDPS/AGI: (dont look half as good imo, but u might like them)
Staff of Draconic Pacification Quest - Twilight Highlands (diferent name but same stats-colors for horde Alliance)
Spire of Defiance Quest - The Binding (deepholme)
I like mine a lot. Crystalheart Pulse-Staff.
Terokk's Shadowstaff from Heroic Setthek Halls is a good one and easily soloable to get. Also Terestian's Stranglestaff is a nice change from the norm off Illhoof in Kara, also soloable.
Giving a little love to Chillwind Staff, a very nice looking Alliance only staff.
There's another version of it available only to Worgen.
I really like Exodar Life-Staff
I really like Exodar Life-Staff

That's the same model as-
Staff of the Redeemer - Quest reward of The Cipher of Damnation

But is a lot harder to obtain.

Mine looks like a lamppost but it's a lot more priestly than the staff from Benedictus.
Love the Chillwind Staff and wanted it so badly for my lock...shame that it's Ally only. I really wish that we could open up the models to all races now because there is so much to choose from.

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