Blood PvP Guide (4.3)[WIP]

Death Knight
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  • Section 1 - Why PvP as Blood
  • Section 2 - Why you shouldn't PvP as Blood
  • Section 3 - Gearing
  • Section 4 - Gems, Enchant's, and Reforging
  • Section 5 - Talents
  • Section 6 - Talent Specs
  • Section 7 - Glyphs
  • Section 8 - Macros
  • Section 9 - Editing Macros
  • Section 10 - The Achilles heals of Blood Death Knights
  • Section 11 - Properly Playing your Blood Death Knight
  • Section 12 - Countering Classes
  • Section 13 - Countering a Blood Death Knight
  • Section 14 - Tips and Tricks

    • Section 1 - Why PvP as Blood?

    • There are several reasons why one would PvP as Blood, perhaps your a fresh 85, have little to no PvP gear and hate getting killed because your so squishy as Frost or Unholy, or perhaps your tired of never having a Flag Carrier in your Random Battleground (or You are asked to be a Flag Carrier in a Rated Battleground). Another good reason as to why you'd want to PvP as Blood is you often find yourself defending a flag or AoEing a node to keep enemy players capturing it.
      - All of these are valid reasons for wanting to PvP as Blood.

    • Section 2 - Why you shouldn't PvP as Blood.

    • While it may seem obvious to most of you out there, Blood Death Knight's are not meant for "Top Tier" Arena's or as Damage Dealers in High End Rated Battlegrounds. While it's true you can get rather high in Arena's as a Blood Death Knight, they are few and far between and more often then not get suck before reaching the 1700's. The reason Blood Death Knight's aren't good at high end arena's is because, by the time they reach that stage the opposition already realizes how to properly kill a Blood Death Knight by keeping him out of melee range & dispelling his vengeance stacks before going into try and kill the Death Knight. A similar thing can be said for Rated Battlegounds as Blood being a DPS, Blood Death Knights can do quite a bit of damage, however as in Arena's higher end teams will always dispel the Death Knight's vengeance and kite them until they die.
    Section 3 - Gearing
    *Note, I am aware that BiS is "1337" Conquest Gear.*

    Well, now that your gears enchants are out of the way, let's talk about which rune to use on your weapon.

    Now, with being a Blood Death Knight, you really only have 3 choices. (4 If your skilled and able to say calm when disarmed / when lots of melee piling on you.)

    Choice 1 - Rune of Sword-shattering

  • While often found to be the most obvious and useful rune, it is rendered completely useless when being kited. However, Sword-shattering shines when fighting several melee opponents at once, and also by reducing the disarm duration by a large amount.

  • Choice 2 - Rune of Spell-Shattering

  • Oh baby, this Rune is dusty as hell, and I'd bet my Brewfest Ram that most of you have never even used this rune. Spell-Shattering will reduce the silences on you and will give you a 4% reduced damage taken from spells.

  • Choice 3 - Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle

  • Increases your Stamina and Armor, good against melee, not so much against casters.

  • Choice 4 - Rune of the Fallen Crusader (And no I'm not trolling, sadly)

  • Oddly enough Rune of the Fallen Crusader is effective for doing more damage and getting more heals in. Each time Rune of the Fallen Crusader reapply s it's buff, you are healed for 3% of your max health. and it procs A LOT! The strength will also boost your parry by 1(or more) percent as a side effect to the increase in strength.
  • Reforging

    Reforge to the player hit cap (5% at 85) because you'll want to hit when you have to.

    Section 5 - Talents.

    Little background before I go over the talents, If i say a talent is “Recommended” it’s a good talent but not good enough to be required. If it's marked as Required, it's a no brainier to pick it up. Talent's marked as trash*(Most of the time)

    Butchery - Whenever you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor, you generate up to 20 runic power. In addition you, you generate 2 runic power every 5 seconds while in combat.

  • This talent will generate runic power over time in combat. While some people prefer to have bladed armor due to always being runic power capped, butchery is good for people who use LOTS of Runic Power. (Recommended if you use lots of runic power)
  • Bladed Armor - Increases your attack power by (2/4/6) for every 180 armor value you have.

  • Increases your attack power for every 180 points in armor you have. This will stack with Meta Gems, Armor Buffs, Talents, and Stoneskin. While normally you won't spec 3 of 3, even at 2 of 2 Bladed Armor is better then butchery for specs that don't use a lot of runic power.(Max Recommended)
  • Blade Barrair - Reduces all damage taken by the Death Knight by (2/4/6)%

  • Flat damage reduction as of patch 4.3. (Max Required)
  • Improved Blood Tap - Recduces the cooldown on Blood Tap by (15/30) seconds.

  • A very good talent, timed usage of Blood Tap is often key to surviving. Using Blood Tap to get a Death Strike off, a Rune Tap, or a Strangulate off are prime usages for Blood tap. (Max Recommended)
  • Scent of Blood - You have a 15% chance after taking direct damage(or dodging/parrying)to gain (1/2/3) stacks of the Scent of Blood effect. The Scent of Blood effect causes your next melee attack to generate 10 Runic Power

  • This talent drives me insane when I see people who put 3 points into this. At 2 points you will almost always have stacks active on you. With 3 points this only increases the likely hood you'll always have it up. While this may seem like a good thing, your wasting a point if you go (3/3) This being said, Rank 1 or 2 of this talent is recommend. But rank 3 of 3 is trash, Please don't do it *Puppy dog eyes*
  • Scarlet Fever - Your Blood Plague now apples Scarlet Fever in addition to it's current effect. Scarlet Fever reduces the physical damage dealt by the target by (5/10)%.

  • This talent is awesome, in that it reduces ALL physical damage dealt by infected units. Units may be infected with Outbreak or Plague Strike and the debuff can be spread with pestilence. (Max Required)
  • Hand of Doom - Reduces the Cooldown on your Strangulate by (30/60) seconds.

  • This talent is very nice to have one minute strangulates are awesome. (Max Recommended)
  • Blood-Caked Blade - Your auto attacks have a (10/20/30)% chance to cause a Blood-Caked Strike, which hits for 25% of weapon damage plus 12.5% for each of your diseases on the target.

  • This talent is still crap. A left over of Blood's DPS days. Blood -caked Blade lacks the damage a talent that takes 3 points should provide, your better of spending points in something else.
  • Bone Shield - Surrounds you with a barrier of whirling bones. The shield begins with 6 charges, and each damaging attack consumes a charge. While at least 1 charge remains, you take 20% less damage from all sources and deal 2% more damage with all attacks, spells and abilities. Lasts 5 min.

  • This talent is awesome for a number of reasons. The Bone charge is not consumed when you completely absorb an attack & is not consumed when you dodge or parry. Meaning you could keep this up for a long amount of time. As an added bonus to this, boneshield boosts your damage by 2% and reduces ALL DoT damage taken by 20% for as long as it remains active. A dot’s ticks do no remove this effect. (Required)
  • Toughness - Increases your armor by (3/6/10)%

  • Standard Armor increasing talent. (Max Required)

  • Abominations Might - Increases melee attack power by (10/20)% and ranged attack power by (5/10)% of party and raid members within 100 yards. Also increases your total Strength by (1/2)%.

  • This talent is more of optional, but is useful when lacking a palidian for might. As an added bonus ABM can't be dispelled and increases your Strength by 2%. Personally, I'd never leave home without it.(Max Recommended)

  • Sanguine Fortitude - Your Icebound Fortitude reduces damage taken by an additional (15/30)% and costs (10/0) runic power to cast.

  • Self Explanatory (Max Required)

  • Blood Parasite - Your melee attacks have a (5/10)% chance to spawn a Bloodworm. The Bloodworm attacks your enemies, gorging itself with blood until it bursts to heal nearby allies. Lasts up to 20 sec.

  • These little buggers provide extra damage and healing to only only you, but your nearby ally's as well.(Max Required)

  • Improved Blood Presence -
    Increases your rune regeneration by (10/20)% and reduces the chance that you will be critically hit by melee attacks while in Blood Presence by (3/6)%. In addition, while in Frost Presence or Unholy Presence, you retain (2/4)% damage reduction from Blood Presence.

  • Another no brainier. (Max Required)

  • Rune Tap - Converts 1 Blood Rune into 10% of your maximum health.

  • Awesome talent, use it to heal yourself and if your glyph-ed for ally's as well. (Required)

  • Will of the Necropolis - When a damaging attack brings you below 30% of your maximum health, the cooldown on your Rune Tap ability is refreshed and your next Rune Tap has no cost, and all damage taken is reduced by (8/16/25)% for 8 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 45 seconds.

  • This talent's a no brainer, Free Rune Tap and 25% damage reduction when we need it most. (Max Required)

  • Vampuric Blood - Temporarily grants the Death Knight 15% of maximum health and increases the amount of health received from healing spells and effects by 25% for 10 sec. After the effect expires, the health is lost.

  • Boosts the healing done by everything on you while also boosting your health. Use with a Banner & Battle-master trinket for maximum effect. (Required)

  • Improved Death Strike - Increases the damage done by your Death Strike by (40/80/120)%, its critical strike chance by (10/20/30)%, and its amount healed by (15/30/45)%.

  • Standard damage buff with some spice, boosts your healing for death strike. (Max Required)

  • Crimson Scourge - Increases the damage dealt by your Blood Boil by (20/40)%, and when you land a melee attack on a target that is infected with your Blood Plague, there is a (5/10)% chance that your next Blood Boil will consume no runes.

  • This talent is pointless in PvP because blood boil will only be used to keep people off flags.. (TRASH)

  • Dancing Runic Weapon - Summons a second rune weapon that fights on its own for 12 seconds, mirroring the Death Knight's attacks. The rune wapon also assists in the defense of its master granting an additional 20% parry chance while active.

  • Our 31 point talent, and as such is a no brainer. Increases damage done, parry raiting, and allows for Double Necrotic Strike stacks when active. (Required)

  • And with that we leave the Blood Tree. Now for the optionals.

    Quick overview of the paths.

    If you decide to go the Frost path, you’ll gain increased chains range, more runic power, free mindfreezes, faster mounted speed, less timed CCed, new cooldown that makes you immune to fear, charm and sleep effects while allowing additional healing.

    If you decide to go the Unholy route, you’ll gain increases DoT damage, less CD on Death Grip, stronger death coils, refunding diseases, and a very effective slow.

    So without further adu, the frost path. *All talents marked as required only apply if your going this path*
    Runic Power Mastery - Increases your maximum Runic Power by (10/20/30).

  • Standard resource boosting talent. (Max Required)

  • Icy Reach - Increases the range of your Icy Touch, Chains of Ice, and Howling Blast by 10 yards.

  • Increases the range on your Ice attacks, very effective at avoiding being kited. (Max Required)

  • Nerves of Cold Steel - Increases your chance to hit with one-handed melee weapons by (1/2/3)% and increases the damage done by your off-hand weapon by (8/16/25)%.

  • Ok, this is a no no. If you are going to PvP as blood, IT MUST BE WITH A TWO HANDER. For one every good reason. Your going to be doing little damage to start with, halfing it is even worse for your damage and there is absolutely no gain in duel-wielding as blood. (TRASH)

  • Annihilation - Increases the damage dealt by your Obliterate ability by (15/30/45)%

  • This talent is trash because you aren’t EVER going to use Obliterate. (TRASH)

  • Lichborne - Draw upon unholy energy to become undead for 10 seconds. While undead you are immune to Charm, Fear, and Sleep effects.

  • Oh how I love you Lichborne. This talent is awesome because it can be used as a trinket of sorts. It will also allow you to heal yourself with Death Coils. It is the prime reason people chose the frost tree, and is why the frost tree is highly recommended. (REQUIRED!!!!)

  • On a Pale Horse - You become as hard to stop as death itself. The duration of movement-slowing effects used against you is reduced by (15/30)%, and your mounted speed is increased by (10/20)%. This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.

  • This talent is awesome, mount speed increase without a pally, faster farming, faster defence, faster getting to the flag ect. Throw in your being kited for 30% less this talent is a must. (Max Recommended)

  • Endless Winter - Your Mind Freeze costs (10/0) Runic Power.

  • Endless winter is a boring talent, but a useful one, removing the cost on Mind Freeze lets you forget about it. However, most of the time you'll have 20 runic power. (Iffy)

  • And now the Unholy Tree options

    Unholy Command - Reduces the cooldown of your Death Grip ability by (5/10) sec, and gives you a (50/100)% chance to refresh its cooldown when dealing a killing blow to a target that grants experience or honor.

  • Less CD on Death Grip, useful for well, everything. The phrase "GET OVER HERE!" comes to mind. (Max Recommended)

  • Virulence - Increases the damage done by your diseases by (10/20/30)%.

  • Piratically useless, but added damage none the less. (Iffy)

  • Epidemic - Increases the duration of Blood Plague and Frost Fever by (8/12/16) seconds.

  • Very useful talent, if maxed you'll be able to only use outbreak to keep your STD's up on a target. (Max Recommended)

  • Desecration - Your Plague, Scourge, and Necrotic Strikes defile the ground within 7 yards of your target. Enemies in the area are slowed by (25/50)% while standing on the unholy ground. Does not trigger against targets that are immune to movement-slowing effects. Lasts 20 sec.

  • This is the sole reason people would go for the Unholy Tree. Desecration is a slow that druids and such can’t shapeshift out of because it’s always around. Much like a hunters trap. This will help the blood dk avoid being kited by things like Melee and Unholy DK’s, but the issue lies with it’s cost. Each time you plague strike, or necrotic strike your losing one Death Strike. (Max Required)

  • Resilient Infection -
    When your diseases are dispelled by an enemy, you have a (50/100)% chance to activate a Frost Rune if Frost Fever was removed, or an Unholy Rune if Blood Plague was removed.

  • This talent basically translates into a free Death Strike if the enemy even bothers dispelling your dots. (Iffy)

  • Morbidity - Increases the Damage and healing of death coil by (5/10/15)% and Death and Decay by (10/20/30)%

  • Standard damage buff. (Max Recommended)
  • Section 6 - Talent Specs

    The talents above can be used in a variety of combinations, below I will post some of the builds that I myself use each of these builds has a special use which will be outlined in it's description.

    *Note - These trees are by no means required or the only effective builds. I personally have used all of these builds. For those wondering what my main spec is, I use the Jack of all Trades. This spec can also be seen inside my tutorial videos later on in the guide.*

    Jack of all trades (31 Blood, 10 Frost, 0 Unholy)

    The "Jack of All Trades" specialization is more for basic battleground running. This spec is based on the frost path and does not have Hand of Doom (Shorter Strangulate). However this specialization does indeed have Endless Winter. While not having any major weakness, this spec lacks any major strength, hence it is dubbed, "Jack of all trades...Master of none.".

    This spec is very "Casual" friendly.


  • The Interrupter (31 Blood, 10 Frost, 0 Unholy)

    The "Interrrupter" specialization is a Anti-Caster specialization, It has both Hand of Doom, Endless Winter, and On a Pale Horse(For closing distances). It is most effective when used when someone (A pally or a hunter for the 20% melee buff) is near because you won't have Abominations Might with this build.


  • The Juggernaut (32 Blood, 6 Frost, 3 Unholy)

    I'm the juggernaut bit...err...Ma'm.

    The "Juggernaut" specialization is a(n) Anti-Melee specialization. While all Blood Death Knight's are effective against melee, the Juggernaut build is a cut above the rest. It has improved duration on DoT's to allow for maximum up time of your STD's, improved damage, longer Pestilence Range and Lichborne to heal. However, this has a cost, as a Juggernaut you lose On a Pale Horse(less CC time and mount speed), your free Mind-Freezes, 2 seconds on AMS, and stronger Death Coils in favor of more Rune Strike Crits via the Glyph of Rune Strike.

    So, obviously this specs weakness is being kited.


  • The Trapper (34 Blood, 0 Frost, 7 Unholy)

    The "Trapper" specialization is a(n) spec build for keeping targets close to you, and providing damage utility's for quickly nutrulizing targets. It features the Glyph of Rune Strike, the Glyph of Death Strike, the Glyph of Heart Strike, the Glyph of Pestilence (Still bugged 20% stronger plague strikes), Full Bladed Armor, Shorter Death Grip cooldowns and stronger DoT damage.

    The trapper lacks Increased Runic Power, shorter Strangulate cooldowns, Increased Frost Attack Range, Lichborne, On a Pale Horse, and free Mind Freezes.

    It's weaknesses are ranged classes with ability's to get away from you. (Mages/Hunter) However it is easy to counter this by gripping the target back once off cooldown. Your cooldown is MUCH shorter then theirs.

  • Reserv
    Section 7 - Glyphs
    Glyphs for a Blood Death Knight are farely straight forward and split between which path you chose to go.


    Glyph of Heart Strike

  • The Glyph of Heartstrike really is the only choice for the First prime slot on our Glyphs chart, this, (Required.)

  • Glyph of Death Strike

  • The Glyph of Death Strike is very good if you find yourself pooling runic power for things, while you may not be rune striking often with this glyph, your always able to lichborne heal if you need to, and the fact that your Death Strikes are going to hit like trucks helps justify this. (I’ve damnear oneshot people with this before). (Recommended)

  • Glyph of Rune Strike

  • The Glyph of Rune Strike is the complete opposite of the Glyph of Death Strike, the reason I’m saying chose one or the other is because the Glyph of Death Strike requires you to pool runic power, while this glyph wants you to spend it as fast as possible to maximize crits. While it is true that you can get more Death Strikes out with this glyph, that requires more GCD’s, Something in PvP that isn’t in high supply and more often then not, you’ll forget or be unable to use the Rune Strikes to get the crits. (Iffy)

  • Glyph of Death Coil

  • The Glyph of Deathcoil is great when trying to maximize your ranged damage, or your heals via Lichborne. Regardless of the path you chose to put your extra points, this glyph is a very good one to pick up. (Recommend)


    Glyph of Bone Shield

  • The Glyph of Bone Shield is a must, because YOU WILL NEVER BE IN UNHOLY PRESENCE! And thus will only be moving at 100% speed (or 107ish with Tuskar or Lavawalker). While with this Glyph you will be moving at 115% speed at all times while Bone shield is up which means your much more likely to get away with the flag. This glyph will also help when being kited if you know how to properly use it. (REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell

  • The Glyph of AMS is a no brain-er, as that Blood Death Knights are known for being kited 2 seconds more on AMS to prevent frostbolt slows (And such) may mean hitting your target for getting a Death Strike heal off or taking a frostbolt to the face and dying. (Recommended)

  • Glyph of Strangulate

  • The Glyph of Strangulate is awesome itself, I normally use it from time to time when I know I'll be fighting a team of several casters. (If your timing is bad, don't use this glyph)

  • Ah, and here we get to the choice... You get to play god. Do you want to keep your party mates alive? Or do you want to ruin a rogues day...perhaps neither of those is appealing, so how about having Death Strike heal for a stupidly large amount?

    Glyph of Rune Tap

  • The Glyph of Runetap is great for keeping your party members alive by healing them 5% of their Hp everytime you Runetap near them. This is awesome because if you Runetap, then get a Will of The Necro to proc, you just healed yourself 20% and your party 10%. This glyph is invaluable to me, but not required as your tastes may differ from mine on this matter.

  • Glyph of Blood Boil

  • The Glyph of Bloodboil is great for AoEing flags and for catching nearby rogues out of stealth. It might not have a lot of flavor, but then people get mad and QQ at you by making a level 1 toon on your server... it tastes oh so sweet.

  • Glyph of Vampiric Blood

  • The Glyph of Vampuric Blood is a very good glyph to pick up if not for the Death Strike heals, then for the Lichborne heals. While it is true that your Deathpact will heal for less (About 3k less, 61k instead of 64k) Your death coils will heal for Much more, as will your Death Strikes & Runetaps, throw in your Healer is healing you for 15% more. But the catch to using this Glyph is that your health will be lower when in your “Reserved Crysis Mode” (AKA PANIC!) and may die because of that health difference.


    Glyph of Path of Frost

  • The Glyph of Path of Frost is required, reducing fall damage allows you to safely take the crazy paths that I do in the videos that I’ll post below. (Required)

  • Glyph of Blood Tap

  • The Glyph of Blood Tap is also required as it is the only semi-useful minor glyph for blood, and if you use it while path of frost is up, you won’t lose your buff with this Glyph active. (Required)

  • And the last minor glyph does not matter. The rest are so pointless you can pick any of them and be helpful. Resilient Grip is broken for me so I wouldn’t use it.
    Section 8 - Macros

    Every spec has macros that are useful to them, and Blood is no exception. Below I will go over some of the basic macros that I use when PvPing as Blood and the description for them.

    Blood Tap Strangulate macro.

    #showtooltip Strangulate
    /cast blood tap
    /cast strangulate

    This is a simple macro, it will cast Blood Tap before casting strangulate. The reason this macro is not in cast sequence format is because this will cast strangulate even if your, Blood Tap is on cooldown.

    Lichborne heal macro

    #showtooltip Lichborne
    /use Ruthless Gladiator's Emblem of Tenacity
    /cast Vampiric Blood
    /cast Lichborne
    /cast [target=player] Death Coil

    This macro will use your Health trinket, Vampruic blood, cast Lichborne (if off cooldown) and immediately hit you with a Death Coil (provided you have the runic power.* This Death Coil will heal you). Each button press after this will causing a new Death Coil to hit you. It is important to remember that this macro will not work after the Lichborne effect wares off because you will become an "Invalid" target.

    Death Pact

    #showtooltip Death Pact
    /use Ruthless Gladiator's Emblem of Tenacity
    /cast Vampiric Blood
    /cast Death Pact

    INC Calling Macro

    /run SendChatMessage("INC "..GetMinimapZoneText()..", NEED HELP NOW!","BATTLEGROUND")

    This is one of my personal favorites, use this macro to call out incoming at any base (or zone) while inside a battleground with one button press or mouse click.

    BONUS MACRO! - Trash removal.

    /script for x = 0,4 do for y = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(x) do local n = GetContainerItemLink(x,y) if n and string.find(n,"ff9d9d9d") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Trashing "..n) PickupContainerItem(x,y) DeleteCursorItem() end end end

    This lovely macro will scan your bags for gray items and delete them. Quick and easy cleaning if I say so myself.

    Section 9 - Editing Macros

    While this section itself does not pertain directly to Blood Death Knights, it does talk about how to edit the above macros for use with other trinkets (and or other spells).

    *NOTE - As far as macros care, everything in your "Spell Book" is qualified as a spell. Yes. This means using Heart Strike (or Shield Slam) *

    Let's take a look at the lichborne macro. ( <STUFF HERE) will tell you what it does.

    #showtooltip Lichborne <This line will tell the game which tooltip to display. If you leave the icon on the default "?" it will automatically set it to that spells icon.

    /use Ruthless Gladiator's Emblem of Tenacity <The "/use" command tells the macro to use a trinket, or a potion (Basically any non spell AKA Not inside spellbook). In order to change this line, open up your macros menu, delete this line, and Shift - Click the item you want the macro to use. Bam. Your done.

    /cast Vampiric Blood < the "/cast" is used to tell the game to cast one of your spells. (Note, spells that are on the GCD will only cast once and will cause the macro to stop working at that line.)

    /cast Lichborne

    /cast [target=player] Death Coil < The [target=player] modifier tells the game to cast the spell at the player, aka your casting Death Coil at you without having to target yourself.

    For more info on macros see
    Section 10 - The Achilles heals of Blood Death Knights.

    The Achilles heal to all Blood Death Knights regardless of our Spec, Race, Faction or Other, is our limited mobility. While we are strong Close Quarter fighters, we are extreamly weak when caught in wide open spaces by a class that can kite.

    While our mobility is an issue itself, the issues below are detailed problems.

    Some of the issues are listed below along with an in-depth explanation.

    Lack of a root / Strong slow effect

  • Out lack of a Root (Roots, Entrapment, Improved Chains of Ice) allows enemies to get distance on us while most of the time we are only able to chains the enemy and hope for the best.

    While our Chains of Ice is strong against several types of enemies, we have issues keeping our slows up on classes that have ways to get around them.For example, A feral druid using shape-shift to get out of our slows will allow them to completely ignore our slows. The way for us to get around this is by using Necrotic (or Plague) Strike to lay down desecration. However, if we go the route of Desecration we lose the ability that reduces snare effects used on us as well as a healing cooldown. (Lichborne)
  • Weak range attacks

  • While most of our damage (Normally) will come from Death Strike or Heart Strike, we are sometimes put into positions were we must attack you with ranged attacks, these being Death Coil, Icy Touch, Chains of Ice, and Death and Decay. While Blood Boil can be used is a "mid" ranged attack when glyphed, it for the most part will not hit a ranged player.

    The way for Death Knights to get around this is by chains a target first <Keep them from moving to much>, Dark Simulation (If mage)<To copy Blink or Root>, AMSing(Mage, Priest, Warlock) <To prevent roots, slows, stuns, and fears>, and Death Griping your target back. Now, because you have AMS up, most mages will Blink away. Strangulate the mage, chains it, and use your "Blink" to beat his face in.
  • Dependency on being in melee range

  • Because most of Bloods attacks are melee attacks, we are required to be in melee range.
  • Weapon dependency (AKA not being disarmed)

  • If a Blood Death Knight is disarmed, we are unable to use Death Strike which will prevent us from gaining our Blood Shield and the heals that come with.

    To counter this, Use Bone Shield, Chains your target, and try to kite them around until your weapon is back. It is important to remember, while some of your heals require a weapon in your hand, Your Rune Tap, Death Pact, and Lichborne/Death Coil macro does not. If you are in need of Runic Power for heals during this time, use your frost runes (Icy Touch, Chains of Ice), Unholy Runes (Death and Decay, Bone Shield), your Blood Runes (Blood Boil), Horn of Winter, and if still in need, use Empower Runic Weapon to get that last drop out of your character.
  • Having to actually hitting you (Nerfed in 4.3, but nerf also caused issues.

  • While Death Strike was made to heal even if we missed (or got parried) in 4.3, we still have to hit you to actually deal any damage to you. This new Death Strike feature of always healing us regardless of the outcome came with it's own issues, before if we got parried or missed our runes would be returned. Now however our runes are not returned. Meaning we did 0 damage to you.
  • Able to be silenced

  • While it may not seem obvious at first, Blood Death Knights do indeed cast Spells, these spells are Death Pact, Raise Dead, Lichborne, Death Coil, Chains of Ice, Strangulate, Death and Decay, Death Grip, Mind Freeze, Ice Bound Fortitude, Blood Boil, Bone Shield, Anti-Magic Shell, Horn of Winter, Outbreak, Vampiric Blood, Rune Tap, Blood Tap, Dancing Runic Weapon, and Empower Runic Weapon.

    While every class can be silenced, Blood Death Knights have no talents to reduce this.
  • Extreamly Kiteable

  • Blood Death Knights are one (if not the) easiest classes to kite in the game currently. The main cause of Death to a Blood Death Knight is being kited. While hard to counter, using AMS to prevent movement impairing effects, hugging poles, Death Gripping the target, and using objects to obscure your enemies casts are great ways of breaking a kite.
  • Section 11 - Properly Playing your Blood Death Knight

    While some may say Blood isn't that hard to play just "Lulz Death Strike" this is not true. Playing Blood is easy, It always has been, but Blood's easy to be good at, however, very few Blood Death Knight's are good enough to go toe to toe with a good Rogue, Feral Druid, Hunter, Warlock, or my personal favorite, a REALLY GOOD FROST MAGE.

    Like any other class with an easy spec (Cough, Frost mages) you'll be able to notice by how an enemy responds to your play style how skilled they actually are.

    In this section I will be telling (And hopefully teaching) you everything I know about playing a Blood Death Knight. This will include countering opponents, preventing damage, proper cooldown usage, remaining calm when disarmed, common tactics, flag running basics, how to properly defend a base, and when all else fails Dying Epicly.

    However, you won't have to read most of these in the description because I have made several videos that go over these topics. The link to the video and the detailed description will be found below.

    Cooldown Usage

  • Properly holding a base until death

  • Flag Running Basic's and Unique Twin Peaks Pathing

  • more to come to this section later...

    Section 12 - Countering Classes

    Killing a hunter 1

  • Countering a Rogue - Soon, editing right now.

    Countering a Frost Mage - Soon, editing right now.

    Countering a Feral Druid - Soon, editing right now.

    Countering a Affliction Warlock - Can't find a good warlock with PvP gear..gona keep trying.
    Okay, awesome. I might actually consider going blood for pvp eventually
    Section 13 - Countering a Blood Death Knight

    While it may seem odd I'm providing other classes with tactics to defeat us, I'd rather people put up a fight against us, instead of QQing all the time. So, with out further a due...

    Countering Blood Death Knight's - Harassment (Ret Pally)

  • More counters to come soon...

    Section 14 - Tips and Tricks

    Below are some interesting tricks to remember when PvP on your Blood Death Knight.

    Double Necrotic Strikes

  • Your Dancing Runic Weapon will apply a stack of the Necrotic Strike healing debuff. It is best to use this after you have Death Striked twice, so that you have 4 Death Runes. Using Blood Tap will provide you a filth Death Rune. Now, pop your Dancing Runic Weapon and spam Necrotic Strike to apply 10 debuffs. Using Empower Runic Weapon will allow you to add 6 more stacks before your DRW Ends.
  • Copying Fear Spells

  • Normally you can tell when an enemy is about to use a fear spell, while I can't explain how I know when they will, I can say eventually you will be able to. Using AMS and Dark Simculation will allow you to copy the spell and use it on them without being effected.
  • Copying Hammer of Justic (or other buffs)

  • As you can see in my harassment video above, I was able to copy the Pallys Hammer of Justice. When engaging a pally your best bet is to apply Dark Simculation right after they judge, because most of the time they will either stun you, repent you, or my favorite Pop their wings. Allowing you copy one of these delicious spells.

    PROTIP - If you copied their stun, don't trinket until they have casted guardian, wings ect, you want them to burn as many cooldowns as possible before trinketing and stunning them. This will waste their cooldowns and by you time. Note - Several pallys will be thrown off by you stunning them, use this wisely.
  • When to pop AMS on a Ret Pally

  • While it may seem obvious to most, you will want to save your Anti-Magic Shell for when the pretty boys in pink decide to go all glowie and bright on you. When you see wings go up, it's a fairly safe bet that a stun will be following, using AMS to prevent the stun from affecting you is your best bet, in fact Dark Sircumlate to copy the stun yourself, stun them, and run like hell until they stop glowing.
  • Use AMS to prevent slows

  • While AMS doesn't tell you it stops diseases and poisons, it does. Using AMS against a rogue to prevent slowing poison, or the healing reducing poison may provide you with an opportunity to strike the rogue. The same can be said for a Feral Druids infected wounds, a hunters traps (and entrapment/poisons), Shadow Fury's Stun, Repentance, or really any other debuff that you can think of. (Unless it's outlined in Red. A Red border means it is physical in classification and thus not stopped by AMS.)
  • Strangulating a Frost Mage as you run.

  • If you see a Frost Mage on a mount running near you, try and strangulate them as soon as they reach the 12-15 yard range. They are most likely going to try to Frost Nova/Cone of cold you.
  • Kiting the kiter - Rogues, Warriors, ect

  • While kiting is a Blood Death Knights greatest weakness, a few are able to turn this into our favor. While our Chains of Ice may not be a strong as other slows, we are still able to break free of most slows fast enough to be able to kite an enemy for a short amount of time. As in my videos above, I was able to kite the enemies when I was disarmed long enough to get my weapon back and fend them off.
  • Dying Quickly

  • While in Rated Battle Grounds, enemies may try to keep you from escaping the room in order to prevent you from grabbing the flag. An easy way to fix this is to simply remove all of your buffs, drop into unholy presence and stop attacking. Turn your back to the enemies attacking you and /sit. This will allow them to crit you unknowingly and thus kill you quickly allowing you to go get the flag.
  • Using a Horde Battle Standard(or Alliance Battle Standard)

  • Using a Battle Standard will increase your Health capacity and grant you 15% of your new health for free. Using a banner before a health stone or a Death Pact will cause you to do a larger heal. Try hiding these in buildings, or behind objects. They only have 1500 health, and need to be hidden to survive more then one GCD. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.
  • Using Potions in Battlegrounds

    While some may say that's "Cheap" or other things, using potions in battlegrounds in't unheard of. I myself use several different types of potions in battlegrounds. Some of them are listed below

    Swiftness Potion

  • Swiftness Potions are great for running with the flag. Using AMS with it is a great way to get some distance. Swiftness Potions last for 15 seconds and boost your Run Speed by 50%. Using A Swiftness Potion before Dark Flight will boost your speed by more. Hitting a Swiftness Potion, then Dark Flight, and then the Speed Buff in the tunnel will MAX your speed.

  • Draught of War

  • Good (& Cheap) potion to use. Often turns the tide of battles. Heals 22.5k - 27.5k

  • Catseye Elixir

  • Very useful Elixir, cheap to find/make and will ruin a feral druid or rogues day. 15 yard stealth detection in a frontal cone.

  • Swim Speed Potion

  • A very useful potion when you have to go through water with DoT's on you. May also allow you to make a short break for safety with the flag. Increases swim speed by 100% for 20 seconds.

  • Snowfall Lager

  • Lovely potions for those of us that aren't engineers. Will slow your fall speed without dropping the flag. Best used when in Twin Peaks taking my path from the video above, you'll float near the bridge with a swiftness/speed buff active. Caution, you may get hit early on and die from fall damage due to the height.

  • Invisibility Potion

  • Great for defending towers in AV, drink a potion, and sneak right into the tower without being scene.

  • Lesser Invisibility Potion

  • Same as above but less effective

  • Living Action Potion

  • Oh god do I live this potion. It will act as a IBF/AMS combo mixed with a PvP Trinket. It will remove everything like a PvP trinket does, and also provide immunity for 3 seconds.

  • Free Action Potion

  • This is like a Mini-Hand of Freedom. It will last for 6 seconds. Best used to prevent being slowed while trying to get across a bridge or right before a warrior charges you.
  • I have some suggestions to make, as I FC as blood myself, though I am also not an authority on the matter:

    Blue sockets: at least 2 should be straight spell pen.

    Cloak enchant should be spell pen.

    You have a talent called scarlet fever that is very effective and useful (reduces enemy damage by 10%) long as your outbreak actually hits the target.

    Reforging: until damage or vengeance gets nerfed...we need to stay hit capped at 5%. Otherwise reforge to mastery.

    Talents: Butchery is a are never starved for runic power.

    Even without imp blood tap, hand of doom is almost necessary as casters are what kill you as a blood dk.

    As rare as it is to be starved for runic power...endless winter could be seen as a waste of two talent points.

    My apologies for posting when you need placeholders, but I was going to request a sticky til i saw some things jump out at me.
    If you think spell pen on a blood dk is obviously haven't been the focus of tons of incoming damage with stacks of fc debuff and noticed that 10% less damage from all enemies seems pretty nice....just saying. Granted, I have only played 8 games this season...but we won basically all of the fc games.

    If I had to choose butchery over bladed armor, I would probably take it...but I am almost always at max RP, even while spamming rune strike so I find it to be a waste personally. Same with the mind freeze talent...dont need it if you always have RP. A shorter cd on death grip might as well be required as an FC.

    You need to hit cap or you wont be able to make those pesky arcane mages and ele shamans go defensive...and then you die...right out...just from one of those two classes focusing you from range.


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