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i know best is a sketchy word because with gear/skills/updates things change all the time but i want to do melee dps and cant choose between fury warrior or enhancement shaman,

am i missing out on dps by going with one over the other? or are they essentially the same? all i read about is how arms is topping fury in dps.

i dont play often and i want to get the most out of my time when i do play

im mostly going to do pve its more enjoyable for me.

any help or tips will be great thanks!

Both are good, however, straight DPS isn't everything. Shaman bring Totems which will augment the entire raids dps, while warriors bring their own buffs/debuffs

However, if you are looking for End-game on limited schedule, I'd say go with protection warrior or restoration shaman. It will shorten your queue times in LFR if you are willing to tank/heal. When I have limited time, what I hate the most is sitting in Queue for 15 mins when I have 1-hr to play. However, if tanking/healing isn't your cup of tea, then pretty much any dps toon will be fine. I see various classes topping DPS meters. As far as ease of playing, that changes patch to patch and also one players perspective to another.

Typically when I do LFR the classes I see at the top of the DPS meters are Death Knights, Mages, Rogues, Hunters. But then again, I have seen every class make it to the top 5-dps at various time. Also, I'm not sure on character population, but I do see a lot of DKs, mages and hunters in groups, so are they slightly better than other classes in dps or simply played more often so you see more in raids and theirfore typically at top of the meters.
or am i wasting my time being a melee in pve instead of ranged dps
12/30/2011 11:24 AMPosted by Songii
or am i wasting my time being a melee in pve instead of ranged dps

Why do you say that? Jay made no mention that there was any disadvantage.

12/30/2011 11:23 AMPosted by Jåy
I see various classes topping DPS meters.

Play whatever you think is fun, you're not going to be "wasting your time" if you're enjoying yourself. There is no bad class.
What meter are you wanting to top here? A random 5-man? Your guild's 10-man raid team? Your entire server? The whole world?

Because there's no easy ride to the top. Saying that Arms is topping Fury is pretty meaningless when you put it into the context of actual play. Because you're not the aggregate of parsed logs. You're a player. You've got the gear you've got, and you're in the group you're in. You can't count on doing better or worse than anyone based solely on the spec you've chosen. There's way too much variation in gear, build, skill, number of cats jumping on the keyboard, etc. There's no IWIN spec, and there's no ILOSE spec.
As much as this might seem irrelevant, I can't stress this enough - you need to first focus on which you ENJOY playing, because if you really can't get 'into' a particular class, you won't ever play it to its highest potential.

Really look at what each brings to the table, and then make your assessment there. For example, my husband was argued with forever about fury being 'better' than arms for DPS, but because he loves arms so much he's stuck with it and he often tops charts in PVE... simply because his heart was in it and he was willing to do the work to push to the next level of damage output and skill. He *did* try fury but he just couldn't make it work for him.

I personally love Enh shammies, but that's because I love the hybrid nature of Shamans, and I love the totems.

So go with what entices you more, and then push the limits. I hope this helps!
ive just been reading that since cata that melee dps has been at a disadvantage because of all the aoe mobs do, when a range dps can sit back and not get hit by anything, and ive also been reading that arms has just been better over all then fury lately, could just been whiners but ive seen more then 1 complaing
Melee just got a buff patch 4.3 and if you look at the parse logs of dps classes/specs they're all right about the same place. Fire mages are currently ahead by less than 15% Again play the class and spec you like best because all it takes is one small buff or nerf and everything changes.
I seem to be in the top one or 2 dps spots whenever I run with this guy as melee. As stated, find a class that you enjoy playing, if you don't enjoy it you will never play it to its utmost potential. I've seen other people with assassination rogues in the same gear do half as much damage as me because they just rolled it to do big numbers rather than rolling it because they liked the class.
bear in mind, warriors are very gear dependent to really rock the meters. dont worry about little aoe, melee have to deal with it all the time and thats what healers are for. just dont stand in the big aoe that is really meant to kill you....

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