70 twinks?

I hear Rogue or Hunter is best for a 70 twink..
Is it still fun like in the old days? or am i just wasting my time?

Any Suggestions or Comments would be appreciated.
I been 70 for like a year now it's like fun tho I don't do much arenas when I do it's fun definitely worth it raids are awesome bg ques take like 5 mins but there is a crapton of mages I'm not a big fan of hunters so if u do make a twink make a rogue <3

The 70's bracket is quite fun and it is VERY fast paced; it is twitch gaming, heals and damage are both immensely overpowered. You can be globaled in seconds if you aren't paying attention, buy you can also go from 1% to 100% in seconds. Rogue, as it is, has most of the important utilities at 70 - the only one that I really miss is smoke bomb. I never really liked FoK.

Arenas are a joke till higher ratings, and once you get to higher ratings, they are frustrating. Almost every member in the top teams has tazik's shocker, which does a rather significant amount of damage to a 70's hp pool. Also, frost mages can kill you in a deep freeze with frost bolt + ice lance.. but if you roll 70 with your 85 healer, it shouldn't be a problem.

The biggest difference about 70 from 85 is that; it's like trying to balance a skateboard on a pole. A little give either way can be monumental, games can heave in either direction very fast.

As for the damage? I didn't arena in s4.. but, I had a fully s3 geared rogue in s3.. and to be honest, my hemo's right now hit more for a nice eviscerate did back then. On targets with no resil, I've had hemo hit for 7k ish.

It's fun, but it just has to be your thing.
Rogue in BG's gets boring to me just because of how overpowered they are; i am going to move to playing with level 60 weapons and 136 ilvl gear eventually, just for better fights.

PM me if you have questions,

PS : the 70-79 section in the forums of www.twinkinfo.com is VERY helpful if you are looking to twink at 70. Check it out.

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