[H]WTB Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

Shattered Hand
I'm looking for a guild that can sell me this sword, drops from Normal Mode Madness of Deathwing.

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

If you're interested in selling to me, please send me an in-game mail and we can discuss price and timing. I'll try to reply to whispers, but I spend a large amount of time afk so there's a possiblity I might miss your tell. I would prefer 25 man since a larger number of weapons drop, increasing drop chance, but I'll consider 10 man as well.

The run would have to be after Friday night, and I'm only interested in coming in on the one fight, as my guild is currently working on progressing through normal mode so I'll need my raid lock until then.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.
I got the raid finder version of the sword this week, but I am still interested in acquiring this one.

I wanted to add in that I'm at 392 ilvl and I know my class and spec very well. I don't have any experience in normal mode version of the fight (my guild isn't there yet) but I have watched videos and I can follow directions, so you won't have to carry dead weight.
Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps Balance Issues
There are several things that we want to follow-up on and clarify:

We noticed Retribution DPS was higher than we expected. We investigated and realized Gurthalak was the cause. We further realized (and several players independently discovered) that the weapon proc was activating twice as often for Retribution as intended.
Retribution was getting more than twice as many proc chances than we intended. This was caused by the application of Censure, not the dot itself ticking.
This was not an accidental bug fix of some sort. The proc was happening more often than we expected and desired, leading to damage higher than we expected and desired, so we took steps to fix it.

We changed the duration of Gurthalak’s proc some time ago. The 4.3.2 tooltip change simply acknowledges this fix. The weapon’s damage should not change in 4.3.2.
Gurthalak is still a fantastic weapon for Retribution paladins and any other two-handed DPS plate-wearers. The average DPS reduction is lower than the 10% figure some have quoted. The sword’s damage can be quite variable, and there are isolated cases where it may have briefly contributed 20% or more of someone’s damage, but those are statistical outliers.

Being nerfed is never fun. We get that. The increased proc chance was our mistake, as always, and we apologize for not catching it sooner. Retribution paladin damage for players without Gurthalak is where we intended it to be. We expect Retribution damage with this change to also end up where we intend it to be. If damage falls unacceptably low for some reason, we will certainly consider taking additional measures.

Just a heads up.
Yea, I've been following the nerf pretty closely. It still edges out all other weapons aside from the heroic version of itself, however.


Thanks for looking out for me, it's appreciated.
I killed Deathwing yesterday on 10m Normal, so I know the fight. I pulled a little over 46k dps on the fight, so I shouldn't weigh you down if you were to bring me.
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