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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Shattered Shell Fragment

The turtle at the Darkmoon Faire has had many, many shell injuries.

He was hit by a gold ring one fine day, and part of his shell fell off!

A random adventurer stumbled upon it, and vendored it to the next vendor he visited.

(Item not found)
Small Brilliant Shard

Once upon a time, an enchanter took some broken glass. He used his awesome powers to renew it and disenchanted it. This is all that is left of it.
Simple Wildflowers

One day, Brack went out to gather raddishes from his garden. He noticed a patch of wildflowers growing beside his raddish patch. Being an upstanding orc, Brack decided the gather the flowers and present them as a present to his wife.
Dilapidated Cloth Belt
A mage got set on fire, and he left behind a belt on his corpse.
Gloves of Smoldering Touch

These gloves were forged in the depths of Ironforge! The wearer of these gloves would have the ability to burn those he touched!
Gilnean Acolyte's Shirt

This belongs to Anthea Winters, a priest from Gilneas. She was drying her shirt on a clothesline one day, and some kids stole it.

Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket

This was designed by Drixxil Goldrush, a renowned goblin engineer. However, before he could begin building and selling his explosive invention, he was killed by his jealous (and greedy) brother Zixxil, who stole the blueprints for this invention and started selling Hand-Mounted Pyro Rockets himself.
Krol Cleaver

This was the sword of Agrona Krol, an orc who led a band of pirates feared throughout Azeroth. She and her pirate crew pillaged cities and destroyed all who would oppose her, until one day when she and her crew were attacked by a fleet of Stormwind military ships. Agrona and most of her pirates were killed in that battle, and Agrona's surviving crew members were captured and executed.

Several years later, a gnomish treasure hunter named Dingle Glowsprocket happened upon the wreckage of Agrona's fleet of pirate ships. He found Agrona's old sword and proceeded to put it up for sale at the Stormwind Auction House.
Smoldering Claw

When you ventured into the sunken Gurubashi temple in the Swamp of Sorrows, you took this off of the corpse of a very powerful green dragon. Sadly, you were a rogue, so you sold it to a vendor shortly afterwards.
Archimonde's Gold Coin

After destroying Dalaran, Archimonde ninja-looted Antonidas (Arthas was supposed to get the loot) and got this. He found the great mighty fountain of Dalaran, and, wanting to know how it survived, he threw it in.
Spool of Thread

Used by Tailors, manufactured by A.Menethil Scourge co. Also used to revive an Argent Crusade commander.
Gilneas Sparkling Water

Fresh water, from the great, distant lands of Gilneas. Better than your average water!

Glimmering Mithril Insignia

This is the story of James Caylard. He was an artisan blacksmith born in Lordaeron. He was the best of the best in Stormwind and Ironforge, winning several blacksmithing contests even in neutral competitions.

He knew alot, but he wanted to know more. He wanted to be a master blacksmith, and an armorsmith. He ventured to the deep jungles of the Stranglethorn Vale to find the renowned Galvan. But before he could, he had to prove himself to the Mithril Order. He compleated several tasks for the members, eventually becoming a member himself! Galvan the Ancient taught him much before sending him to Tanaris to meet his finest pupil, Trenton Lighthammer.

Trenton and James shared the knowledge they both had about Ornate Mithril armor.

The Mithril Insignia he was given earlier was finished be Trenton, and it gave this: The Glimmering Mithril Insignia.

And that was the story of James Caylard.
Devilsaur Tooth

This was the tooth of a ferocious devilsaur that killed many adventurers who dared to explore the mysterious Un'Goro Crater. So fierce and powerful was this devilsaur, that it came to be known as Bloodclaw.

One day, a Troll named Zin'gala, renowned among the Darkspear Tribe as a great hunter, ventured into Un'Goro Crater. With his raptor by his side, he wandered deep into the mists of Un'Goro, only to be attacked by Bloodclaw. Zin'gala and his raptor fought hard against the infamous devilsaur, but Bloodclaw was more than a match for the hunter and his pet. Zin'gala tried to flee, but the devilsaur followed in furious pursuit. Eventually, Zin'gala, wounded and greatly weakened from the battle, collapsed on the ground. Zin'gala's raptor desperately tried to defend him, but it wasn't strong enough to hold off Bloodclaw for long and died in the battle. As Zin'gala stood up once more, he realized that his raptor had sacrificed its life to save him. In his fury and renewed strength, Zin'gala was able to slay Bloodclaw.

After the battle, Zin'gala took one of the devilsaur's teeth to commemorate both his victory and his loss. He took it to a troll witch doctor, who imbued it with power to assist the hunter against the rest of the challenges Zin'gala would face when he returned to Un'Goro Crater.
Fizzy Energy Drink

This energy drink was invented by a gnome named Ellie Manavolt. Although her fizzy concoction sold throughout Azeroth is excellent at replenishing lost energy, it has a tendency to turn thick and sticky after a few days, making it almost useless for long journeys. For this reason, the drink is mainly just bought for its taste.
Fountain Goldfish

One day, a little fish was fished up by an adventuring hero. It was gold. The adventurer put the fish into his bag, and went to the nearest town. While he sat near a fountain, he built a fire, to cook the fish. The fish, who saw the fire, was overcome with fright when he understood his fate, when pulled out of the bag. So with a mighty leap, he sprung from the hero's hands, into the fountain, and swam to the bottom.

Soon enough, another fish, just like the first splashed into the fountain. They were the first two Fountain Goldfish, and their offspring have traveled from the first fountain, into the great fountain in Dalaran, where they have lived ever since.

The End.
Hehe, I love the story of the Fountain Goldfish. ^_^

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