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Guild Recruitment
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Limitless Possibilities-(Echo Isles Server) currently is on a california server GMT-8

we are currently looking for toons that like to have fun during raid but also progress and like to be pushed on each fight. what i mean by push is stuff like single heal ultraxion or lets do this to see if healers can keep up anything to challenge yourself as a player.

Raid times
Group 1 - Friday Saturday Sunday 6-9 server (9-12 est)
Rated bgs- are mixed into the week usually not during raid times so all member have access

Current Progression

Group 1-currently 8/8 heroic

Current recruitment needs [/u] G1= Group one / G2=Group 2 / RBGz = Rated bgs
just because what it says below doesnt mean we wont take an outstanding player

Death Knight-frost/unholy
Mage any spec
Warrior exceptional players only
Druid (Cat/Bear) need boomkin
Priest ( Holy/disc/shadow)
Paladin- holy/ret
Shaman- ele need asap
Warlock- any spec
Monk-- must be able to prove you have experience in leveling fast and have prior raiding experience on another toon
Rogue exceptional players only
Hunter any spec

  • Require to attend atleast 90% of raids -If you are going to miss please let the officers or myself know- but 3 no shows/no call you will no longer raid with us no exceptions
  • Knowledge of your class/spec/rotation and can consistenly improve your dps YOU ARE COMPETING FOR YOUR SPOT AT ALL TIMES.We have plenty of resources to help if any problems are stopping you from achieving your greatest potential.
  • Must have vent with a working mic and not afraid to use your mic
  • Extensive knowledge of the raid encounters before hand I'm not here to baby sit you and teach you to play,The rest of the guild is doing there part we expect you to do the same
  • Tardiness is not acceptable i understand work/family/real life issues come into play and its totally understandable.But every day every week your late bc you overslept and what not is not acceptable
  • Must have a sense of humor- seriously we dont need an uptight prick yes we play around alot but we get the job done.We all know when the time to play and the time to get serious is
  • How can i contact you if interested Pops?
  • My Real id is that is a zero six btw alot of people get that mixed up
  • my server is echo isles the guild is limitless possibilities and anyone in that guild can point you to where i am if you want to just make a lvl 1 there and wsp me thats is fine
  • Our guild website is
  • Feel free to apply your application will be answered withing 1-2 days.Any Questions please feel free to ask the only stupid question is an unanswered one
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    I added you realid for some question and you logged

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