[H] Dalaran Misfits LF main raiders (10M DS)

We're rebooting our 10 man raid group and looking for new main raiders. We focus on normal progression having cleared BWD/BoT/ToFW and Firelands before the nerfs. We were 5/8 in Dragon Soul before losing some members before the Holidays and going on hiatus. We only dabbled in heroics in the past but we'd like to get a solid group going and do more.

We're looking for all classes/specs but especially:

Prot Warrior

Raid times are 8:30-12:00 server time Tuesday and Sunday. We have / require vent and prefer if you talk on it. If you can't take playful joking you probably don't belong though.

If interested post here or whisper Haakkon, Aileah or Mahanik in game.

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