How to beat a warlock

Mage can you do that?. It seems that anytime I duel a warlock (with pvp gear or without it) I get beaten pretty hard. The warlock I recently dueled was (I think) affliction, I'm not totally sure cuz he was using an Imp instead of a doggy (still, that imp takes 80% of my hp before I can kill...the imp). Soooo, what I'm missing. My pvp spec is fire btw.
Play frost if you want to beat things. He had an imp out against you to dispel your dots. And realistically, he probably just outplayed you to no end. Doing well in pvp is just as much knowing your opponents as it is knowing your own class, so if you can't even say for sure he was affliction, chances are you're not using the ideal counters.
If he has an imp he is destruction. 1v1 destro will normally beat a mage.

Fire is also not the spec that will win against a destro lock.

Best bet is to nova him at the start and drop a ring on him and his pet, get a scorch/fireblast shatter off of the ring for a hotstreak, CoC nova him to get a big ignight rolling, combust it then dragons breath.

CS the fears and ice block if you're caught in a full fear and he's about to unload into you.

Keep mage armor up 24/7.

If you can try to impact stun your dots to the pet and keep up LB on it. I find a lot of locks don't realize their pet is dying when you throw up dots on it, killed a lot of fel puppies that way.

Also an imp shouldn't be taking 80% of your life unless you're wearing nothing but a Lovely Red Dress. What does your pvp gear look like?

EDIT: your fire spec is wrong, please look at the spec section in here for the proper specing. You NEED imp. CoC, imp blink is worthless.:
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(still, that imp takes 80% of my hp before I can kill...the imp)

That's one huge imp he's got there.
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Play frost if you want to beat things.

If he's destro and knows how to position his pet and spam a singe magic:self macro, then playing frost won't help. Perhaps the only matchup in wow where this is the case.
Short answer - you will not beat a good affliction warlock, and even destro is fairly difficult if they know how to play. Or rather, if they know how to time nether protection.

Destro is beatable, and if the right terrain it's beatable utouched. 1v1ing an afflock as a fire mage these days... good !@#$ing luck.

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