Best Paladin Transmogrify Set?

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T2 is by far and away my favorite pally tier set. I even got this stupid mace to match :)
The T2 purple recolor from BC, Diva Judgement.
Not my set.
my set obviously
AQ set looks boss on pallies tier 2.5
I'm a fan of Tier 6 myself, though I used a Tier 4, 6, 10 combo in Wrath.

I went with the Stormforged look here in Cataclysm, for now. Working on mixing in some Wrath pvp pieces and getting Tier 13 to come up with something new, though.

Tier 13 + Tier 4 shoulders looks pretty cool, actually.

Edit: And my pvp pants have apparently not updated back to my tank set on Armory haha
12/29/2011 01:54 AMPosted by Ilynna
The one I'm wearing good sir.

My hubby and I are trying to get that set for his paladin.
I made my own, since none of the sets seemed to fit taurens.
You are not just limited to paladin gear. There are a lot of green plate pieces that go well together.

Check out the MogIt add-on.

12/29/2011 07:36 AMPosted by Soledo
I made my own, since none of the sets seemed to fit taurens.

I like it, Soledo!
i got a neat blood knight looking set suits my racial type
currently i would go with judgement (what i'm wearing now). however in mists of pandaria i think the challenge mode armor looks sick.

here's a list of all of them though pick for yourself
ruthless / wrathful pauldrons are the only pauldrons worthy of being worn by my paladin.

All other pauldrons are inferior.
Pally T3
Tabard of Lightbringer
10 man Marrowgar sword.

Oh my.
The shinier the better imo :)

I ♥ this one.

♥ Aune
It is more about what you want, dude..
Heres all of the sets for Paladins, but my personal fave is T2!
There is a disturbing lack of

In this thread.

You should all feel bad.
Sunwell Paladin armor is definitely the best looking by far.
12/29/2011 03:42 AMPosted by Maehara
Only I can be this beautiful.

Pearl Inlaid BootsWaistguard of Reparation would match that set a bit better. what really gets on my nerves is people using t6 boots/belt with the rest of t6 in a transmog.

THEY DON'T MATCH. t6 mosty matches BT loot, but the bracers/boots/belt match the SWP sets.

also, i am very happy with my current tier set.

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