[A]<Shogun> Late night Raiding & RBGs

<Shogun> Currently a 10 man raiding & RBG guild is looking for a few extra players to fill our ranks. We raid 12 - 4 Server time Tues - Thurs and our RBG group runs 10 - Quit Fri - Mon.

We are currently looking for:

Raiding: DS 8/8

Currently considering all classes

RBG: Current 1800+ MMR main group
Elemental shaman
Balance Druid
Affliction Warlock
Arms Warrior
Any high dps with 2000 rating in Arena or RBG previous season may be accepted

Apply at shogun-guild.com

Contact in game:

8/8 normal update.
I hear you guys kill bosses and stuff
heard u guys had a rogue with the daggers n stuff lol

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