[A] 8/8 Enh Shaman lf Friday/Sat DS Grp

Hello, as the title says this toon (alt) is 8/8 as well as four other toons, and i would like to get into a solid weekly DS group. The group doesn't have to be 8/8 currently but would prefer them to be at least 6/8, no problem working on the guilds progression.

Any time during Friday and Saturday i can do. Also as a side note: i'm not looking to switch guilds as i rather enjoy the one i'm in. Just looking for a solid group.

Feel free to reply here or whisper/email myself in game. Looking forward to finding a group for my Shaman!

392 Aurèvoir (alt 138)-Enhance Shaman <<< Needs Weekly Raid Group!
396 Aufwiedersen-Holy Paladin
393 Góodbye (alt 162)-Feral Tank
390 Arrividerci-Shadow Priest
389 Adiós-Arms Warrior
Bump! Still looking :)

Need a Weekly DS Group!
Still looking for a solid Weekend DS group for my Enhance Shaman!

Pull 37-38kdps on Ultrax and roughly 48-50k on Madness!

Hit me up in game :)
Bump! Already ran this week, however i'm still looking for a consistent weekly raid group for Fri/Sat!

Here's a WoL parse of Morchok this week, just to show that i'm not looking to be carried:


And the complete WoL parse for the run this week:


Bump for mad deeps.
Bump for weekend raid team!
Bump for a new raid week!
Bump for another raid week!
Bump, weekend is around the corner!
Bump! Still looking for a weekend Raid Group for my Shaman! :(

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