Best Shaman names?

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Hey I was making a Shaman and I thought I needed some really super awesome name that is clever :D.

Anyways, I wanted to share some that I have either thought of or seen and wanted to see what you guys thought were cool and funny Shaman names :)

1. Shamikaze
2. Shambulance
3. Shampoo
4. Cowwolf
5. Skywolf
6. Thunderduck
7. Thor

What are some of your favorites?
I like mine pretty well.
I like mine cause I shoot energy balls.
<<<< :3
For each race...
Dwarf: Dealanach (Scots Gaelic, lightning)
Draenei: Zemletruus (Ukrainian, earthquake)
Orc: Potorik (Armenian, storm)
Tauren: Astrapi (Greek, lightning)
Troll: Niyoltsoh (Navajo, tornado)
Goblin: Kaychak (Armenian, lightning)

Mostly foreign words for various forces of nature. :) They fall flat in the funny, but it's how I like to come up with names.
Mine's Finnish for homicide. Foreign words always make for better names, even if they have nothing to do with the character itself.

But anything in Finnish is a good idea. :D
<< Title: Bloodsail Admiral

da best but anything you like is by opinion (yours) the best :) pick one you like!
Did someone say Best shaman name? =)
<< Brëwmaster Hägan =)
i just made a female goblin shaman named NitaGoodJolt... I thought that was pretty clever. lol :)
Bloodsail admiral Ackbahr
and of course my own. hoping for "Conqueror Crunchycrab" someday.
<------- you're welcome
I regret I did not name mine Shamburger
Oprah Windfury
Eatmytotem, but yeah Oprahwindfury is just awesome.
Shockybalboa and Shocktherapy

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