Best Shaman names?

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Good luck finding a server where it's not already taken, LOL!
although i did change my name to disposition, the best shaman name in the game is clearly CAMELTOTEM
Mine is named Shamwow. I thought it was pretty clever
Oh god, not this thread again.

Please show me more names with Totem, Sham, Shammy, and Shock, etc.

Then show me how many alt code variations of Shamwow/Shammywow you can do.

Sukodin or Sukoshammy but those are taken.. Sorry..

In my defense Eein, all of my alts are named "Suko" and then the class name.. I even reserved Sukomonk on ED for when I make one of those.. lol
I seen a Johntrabolta.
<<<<< /flex
I'm a wolf god :D
Dehydrated x]
I can't help but walk around with all this swag, trancing others at the sight of my aw.
Gonna make a shaman named Restospected.
I like Repop...
kindertotem, totemtosser
you got jabberwookie from alice in wondrland
<<if you hate healing as much as me!
Throwing my name into the hat.

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