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the darkmoon arena, thought it was supposed to be free for all death match not team deathmatch. it's not really pvp when you can't fight back at all.
Agreed on Treatise. Its only 15 tickets. There's no reason for it to be a 5% or lower drop rate especially if only one person in the group wins it.
I still need the book that is what a 1% drop from only 5 bosses that then is rolled off between 5 players. fun fun
i'm having the "you have completed that quest" problem with 4 items:

- adventurer's journal
-captured insignia
-imbued crystal
-ornate weapon
It's nice to see that they know about the issues, I just hope they can fix this permanently and quickly; I've already been out 15 potential tickets because that stupid Treatise refused to drop.
Is this regarding the inability to turn in the monthly artifact quests, or the insanely low drop rate of said artifacts? I farmed most of them from low level dungeons (yes, I know the book says 'level-appropriate', but there was never any comments from Blizz about that so I was convinced that was how it was supposed to be), but they don't seem to drop there anymore and only rarely from level appropriate bosses, meaning that

A) The prices for each artifact are going to go through the roof on the AH

B) Our ability to turn in artifacts is severely limited by a huge decrease to the supply, meaning that we won't get as many tickets each month. Essentially, we can't expect to be able to get more than 50 or so tokens each month, meaning that ONE mount would take FIVE months to get.

I really hope this is part of the problem, not the solution.
We are aware of issues affecting the Darkmoon Faire, which began again today, particularly regarding monthly quests and some related achievements.

Our teams are investigating the issue and would like to assure you that we are working hard to solve the issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing.

Not trying to be a jerk or anything but if you can't get the Journal/Insignia (or whichever two it was I forgot >.>) to be repeatable before DMF is over, could you maybe extend DMF by a few days until you do or at LEAST let us do the dailies for the extra days to balance out the amount of tickets? :( I would love you forever, Kaivax, if you managed to get them to do that <3
Does the "Test Your Strength" quest fall under the known issues? I discovered upon logging into my rogue who had completed the quest, that the quest had been wiped from his log and the grisly trophies gone (I was planning to turn the quest in today, when the DMF started up again). I checked my mage, who had also completed the quest, and his was still there...
Oh good, they know it's borked. I turned in everything (last month) except the Treatise and one other but all those disappeared off my achievement. Gave me credit for two of the BG ones only.

Luckily had extras that I collected to turn them in again except the Ornate Weapon which I did turn in last month. It's now 3k on the AH blargh. Killed Herod a few times, nada. About to invade Stockades later today.

Hope it's fixed soon!
To get rid of the grisly trophies error message, you should be able to delete the quest. Then just pick it up when the darkmoon faire comes back.
01/01/2012 11:19 AMPosted by Malkyth
Or the fact that my Soothsayer and Ornate Weapon quest items disappeared from my bag so now I can't turn it in. Went and bought the Ornate Weapon from AH just to do the turn in.

I'm glad to know mine weren't the only ones missing.

Is there any way we could get more specific information on what is a "known issue"?
Ok well at least it's a known issue. I logged in seeing my Darkmoon "In Progress" achievements reset and my jaw sort of hit the ground. But at least I'm not alone, lol.
First, the treatise, the drop rate on that item is ridiculous. I was lucky enough to see one drop after doing every single regular cata heroic and finally snatching it off of Rahj b/c the entire group passed due to the fact they did not know what it was used for. So luckily I got the despoiler achievement from farming for that thing and amazing luck, but a lot of the people i know were not so lucky. One of my guildies spent roughly 15 hours a day for 5 days of the week the DMF was in and didn't even see one! I mean, really? Our AH has yet to see one as well due to the insane drop rate.

Second, and I posted under the bug forums several times without a single response from any blues, but what is the deal with the Darkmoon Tonk and Zeppelin? A lot of the people I know, including myself, have gotten the tonk, learned it, and had it disappear from our pet list upon zoning into a new area. This has been an issue for roughly a month now and still no fix? I've had the Tonk restored about 4 times now with each GM telling me, "Use it after every tuesday reset, because that might fix the problem of the pet being treated as a vehicle and actually disappearing." It's getting rather old, I really like the pet and want to use it but I'm getting fed up of having to see a pet I worked for sit in "GM Ticket Limbo-time."

Third, and this has been stated before, I turned in every item for the darkmoon faire despoiler achievement and I cant turn in the Adventurer's Journal or the Insignia, which kinda hinder my ability to get the dancing bear mount this week. :( So could these fixes please get done soon or as someone mentioned above, could you please extend the DMF a few days to make up for the loss of those tickets?

Sorry, and this wasn't meant to be a QQ post, I've just been getting fed up with the bugs with this faire via GM ticket hassle and whatnot only to have the one thing i got out of the faire for my farming was a buggy pet i cant even keep for more than 3 mins. :(

Much love, and I hope this stuff gets fixed. <3
The best is... you enter the arena... and a raid of 20+ people insta kill you.
While you're at it do something about the Treatise. 50+ heroic runs and I've seen one drop. The winner of the roll then asked what it was for despite the item clearly stating its use in its flavor text. >.>;

There is an issue with rolling on it where as long as a person who loots it has a guide, the group loot option allows all 5 to roll on it, even if only 2 in group have a guide.

Perhaps I'm looking at this incorrectly but the way this is worded leads me to believe that the party member who physically loots the boss can influence if the Treatise shows up on the boss or not.

i.e. if I click on the dead boss first the book may appear. But if the tank doesn't own a book and clicks on the boss first there is a 0% chance for the Treatise to show up despite the fact that I am in the party and own a darkmoon guide.

Considering all the other apparent bugs with the faire this wouldn't even surprise me. And would go a long way towards explaining the abysmal drop rate of this item versus that of the others.
The issue i am having is some of the items i turned in last month for the NEW Darkmoon Faire, it won't let me turn in this month.

I hope this is fixed soon. I hate bugs. Especially the one in Uldum that has been buggy since release that they claim to have fixed but isn't.
yep journal and insignia are bugged for me too. They didn't answer my ticket in game or email....I had to fish through my battle.net account to find my ticket log.

Go bliz.

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