Currently unlearnable — Blacksmithing recipes

HEY! Skip to this post for a list of previously-missing Blacksmithing recipes that have been returned to the game!

This is a comprehensive list of all Blacksmithing recipes which currently cannot be obtained or learned if you did not already have them before Cataclysm (or Wrath, in some cases). Hopefully, it will help both new and old Blacksmiths waste less time trying to figure out whether the recipe they're looking for is simply rare, or actually not available right now.

Personally, I think gutting all this stuff was really unnecessary. There's good streamlining (Timbermaw Hold rep shortening) and then there's bad streamlining (cutting off 100+ recipes that were fun to collect). That's like belt sanding while naked. That's bad naked.

Unlearnable because the quest "The Old Ways" from Aturk the Anvil (Orgrimmar) was deleted:
Orcish War Leggings

Unobtainable because the quest "The Origins of Smithing" from Hank the Hammer (Stormwind) was deleted:
Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets

Unobtainable because Blacksmith specializations were removed, and with them the quest chains from Galvan the Ancient (Stranglethorn) which rewarded the plans:
Plans: Ornate Mithril Gloves
Plans: Ornate Mithril Pants
Plans: Ornate Mithril Shoulder

Unlearnable because the Mithril Order quest chain and followups from Trenton Lighthammer (Gadgetzan) were deleted:
Ornate Mithril Breastplate
Ornate Mithril Helm
Ornate Mithril Boots

Removed because Kilram's Axesmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted:
Plans: Dawn's Edge

Removed because Seril Scourgebane's Swordsmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted:
Plans: Blazing Rapier

Removed because Lillith the Lithe's Hammersmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted:
Plans: Enchanted Battlehammer

Removed because the Armorsmithing specialization was removed, and all previous Armorsmith trainers had their recipe lists removed:
Truesilver Gauntlets
Truesilver Breastplate
Earthforged Leggings
Windforged Leggings
Heavy Earthforged Breastplate
Stormforged Hauberk
Breastplate of Kings
Bulwark of Kings
Bulwark of the Ancient Kings
Nether Chain Shirt
Twisting Nether Chain Shirt
Embrace of the Twisting Nether
Chestplate of Conquest
Legplates of Conquest

Removed because the Weaponsmithing specialization was removed, and all previous Weaponsmith (and Axe/Sword/Mace sub-spec) trainers had their recipe lists removed:
The Shatterer
Truesilver Champion (come on! Truesilver Champion!)
Light Earthforged Blade
Light Emberforged Hammer
Light Skyforged Axe
Great Earthforged Hammer
Lavaforged Warhammer
Skyforged Great Axe
Stoneforged Claymore
Stormforged Axe
Windforged Rapier
Lionheart Blade
Lionheart Champion
Lionheart Executioner
The Planar Edge
Black Planar Edge
Wicked Edge of the Planes
Lunar Crescent
Drakefist Hammer
Deep Thunder
Stormherald (Stormherald? You took out Stormherald?!)
Corroded Saronite Edge
Corroded Saronite Woundbringer

Unobtainable because Lorax's quest chain (Frostwhisper Gorge, Winterspring) has been deleted:
Plans: Demon Forged Breastplate

Unobtainable because the quest "Hot Fiery Death" (Blackrock Spire) and its followup chain were deleted.
Plans: Fiery Plate Gauntlets
(Why?! You had to loot Terminator's arm. In lava. That's good naked!)

Removed in 3.02 with the deletion of Naxx 40; has NO Northrend iLevel 213 equivalent version, and is desireable for Transmog:
Icebane Bracers
Icebane Gauntlets

Removed in 3.02 with the deletion of Naxx 40; has NO Northrend Naxx 10/25 equivalent version, is desireable for Transmog, and would fit as BS recipes:
Icebane Helmet
Icebane Pauldrons
Icebane Leggings

Removed because Zul'Gurub was revamped and the Zandalar Tribe faction was deleted:
Bloodsoul Breastplate
Bloodsoul Shoulders
Bloodsoul Gauntlets
Darksoul Breastplate
Darksoul Leggings
Darksoul Shoulders

Unobtainable because the Enchanted Thorium quest series from Dire Maul West has been deleted:
Plans: Enchanted Thorium Breastplate (argh!)
Plans: Enchanted Thorium Leggings
Plans: Enchanted Thorium Helm

Unobtainable because Dustwallow Marsh was revamped, and this item seems to have been deleted off the loot table of Strashaz Myrmidons:
Plans: Runic Breastplate
Note that all other Runic patterns were successfully transferred to Dramm Riverhorn (Un'Goro) in 4.3.0, but this one was not.

So that's a lot of dead recipes! Wow! I will update this as I remember / notice / find them, or if anyone suggests one I'm missing. I'll also update if (when!!) they're returned to the game.
I keep checking my BS book to see I still have them there. Not that I have a complete book but I did the Mithril Order chain to become an armorsmith so it is nice to have something to show for all those days of mining mithril.

I also check my LW since all the Wildvine recipes seem to be no longer available in game either. I remember killing trolls by the truck load to get all the wildvine. Nice to still have the recipes.
Runic Plate — returned in 4.3.0!
Plans: Runic Plate Shoulders
Plans: Runic Plate Boots
Plans: Runic Plate Helm
Plans: Runic Plate Leggings
These are now sold by vendor Dramm Riverhorn in Un'Goro Crater at Mossy Pile. Note that he does not have Plans: Runic Breastplate and that this one is currently not obtainable.
Leveling a blacksmith, and was going through mats I was collecting to see if I could make anything neat, only to find about half the items I could look forward to making no long exist as trainable. :(
cmon blizzard what was the purpose of abandoning all these plans?

we want them back.
So much I'm missing... GIMME BACK MAH PLANS!
Why blizzard....Why.
BUMP give us recipes blizz!
Tailoring lost maybe 3 patterns when 4.0.3 hit.
Leatherworking lost around 16 when 4.0.3 hit.

Blacksmithing lost approximately 75 patterns! Some of us never had a chance to learn to make these and now can't. Even if you remove the ones from the Zandalari rep and the ones from Nax that still leaves over 60 that should have been put on another mob or given to trainers.

Blizzard, your Blacksmiths have been asking for these to be returned since LK and are being ignored. WHY???
01/02/2012 12:47 AMPosted by Bonfleur
That's like belt sanding while naked. That's bad naked.

Not fair. Now I have to clean soda from my monitor. Thank you for that.
Yeah i need Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets really badly:( KEEP THIS THREAD ALIVE AND GOING!!!!!
Agreed OP. Having greater variety of items to craft (for all professions) only helps the profession.

I still have no idea why Blizz decided to remove so many wonderful recipies in Cata.

My warrior misses his lionheart blade.
Bump for justice
Cleaned up a bit and started adding returned recipes.

If you guys see anything missing from the list -or- know of any recipes that have been added back to the game (which I'm missing), let me know so I can update the post!
Thanks, I had not realized the runic plans had been returned.

Plans: Enchanted Thorium Breastplate (argh!)

Yea quite some demand for that item.

i lost my blacksmithing befor LK and i just lvl it back up i want to know will u bring back the lionheart blades plz we blacksmithers beg u to help us with and bring them back /cry
gimme back mah BS patterns!!! especially the Sword smith ones.

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