Low level transmog sets!

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Post your lowbie transmogs here!

This is mine. It'll have to change once I graduate to plate (Blizzard, PLEASE let plate wearers mog mail!), but I think it looks pretty good for right now. It was assembled by junk sitting in my inventory and cheap AH greens. I still need to find boots. In-game, my sword has a fiery enchant that really pulls it all together.
Not really lowbie, but I like this old tier set or w.e it was back then.
Just knew it was the gear you got with valor emblems which is todays JP. And then T11 was frost emblems which is todays VP.

I just like the big shoulders, they are nice. Working my way with pvping to get the T4 pvp gear.
this is what i'm currently rocking ^.^
Most of my set is actually obtained from 1~60 quest/pvp content, only the shield, kilt, and of course the helm require anything else.
This is what I'm rocking right now, though I just got a new stave, so I don't think I mogged it before logging off.
I worked hard for this dress (stupid archaeology)... glad I can wear it now :D
I'm having the same problem. There are PLENTY of good low lvl mog sets out there but none that don't require grinding for hours.
I've been rocking this look since before Cata in town. It's nice to see it out and about, especially since I just got the glyph.

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