[H] <Pretension> (8/8 HM)

Burning Legion
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You want bops? Ill bop you on CD then.

Edit: Lame !@# armory wont update my guild...
For a week of progression!
We're cursed!
bout ready to gquit

we also need a rogue
WTB someone to heal on Zon'ozz to replace our !@#$ty holy paladin!
still in need of priest, you will be healing dont contact us if you cant heal.
And be guud at pew pews, semi decent at healing. But Uber pew pews!
Gearing up!
Raiding Caztlz
seriously damned to recruit for ever.
La la la
Paying 1k per life grip on Dexterity pst.
Bonus 1k if said lifegrip kills Dexterity.
02/19/2012 11:56 AMPosted by Dexterity
seriously damned to recruit for ever.

yaaa well I'm ally side and my horde-side shaman (deleted post above) cannot get in a damn guild :(
You're missing 2 jc gems on Persephonie and your shaman is missing enchants >.<

Shaman dps = sad face and two shamans in the raid already :O
@ per if you fix your !@#$ and are willing to change over with good logs contact me.
Killin stuff time!
Our DPS are VERY competitive within each other, only recruiting the best here.

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