[H] <Pretension> (8/8 HM)

Burning Legion
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zomg guys I was probably in my discipline gear which is messy sometimes. :X
bumpity bump
@Persephonie contact me on realid

xmog addict.
02/22/2012 03:04 AMPosted by Dexterity
xmog addict.

this is my horde-side guy (who has his own xmog going on as well :D), so I see your guys spam.
Gunship fun tonight!
i liek ur xmog firr

and 6/8h down still recruiting
Why join 8/8 normal guilds when i can whip ya into shape as a 6+/8hm raideR! apply today!
birdcow summons a priest to pew pew.
hump de bump
Hey guys, in need of a new ret pally? I heard your old one left for Blood Legion or something.
Nope, we dropped him. We're converting our raid to an all female toon raid.
Fem Orcs apply?
you got it sinner<3
Well Im a female! Can I get in?!
free bump

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