Why can't I grant my recruit a friend levels?

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My friend and I are trying to grant each other levels. I was the "veteran" who sent him the recruit invitation. I don't know how you define "veteran" player, but I'm curious why I can't grant him levels? What happens if I level solo and he can't catch up? We're within 100 yards of one another and his character is a lower level. I wanted to grant levels from my 80 to his 42, and was unable to. But he was able to grant me levels from his 80 to my 42, why? I thought in the past where the level grant/RaF cap was 60 you could both grant levels?
For every two levels the RECRUIT'S characters earn, one grantable level is gained. Recruit characters may then grant these levels to the VETERAN player's character as long as the character is lower in level than the level granting character.

In short you can't give him levels since you are the vet. The recruit can however give levels to the vet if the vet is on a lower leveled character. RAF has always been this way. There's also the fact that you can't just give out levels due to being higher than the other character. For every two levels the recruit earns WHILE RAF IS ACTIVE he can give your character one level. Even if the level granting worked both ways that doesn't mean you can just hop onto an existing 80 and say "HERE YOU GO!"

You might want to re-read the FAQ: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/recruit-a-friend-faq
I sent a RaF and I'm a higher lvl than he is and i dont know how to grant him levels. I'm lvl 7 and hes lvl 5. I right click his portrait and it says grant a level but its grey and i cant click on it. why?
Because the recruit that you sent a RaF to can only grant YOU a level if YOUR character is lower level than his.

Meaning you can never grant him levels, only he can grant you levels if your char is lower level than his.

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