whats the best 45-50 zone to level in?

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Trying to get my brother back into wow, and i need to find a zone that blow his mind away in terms of questing compared to the vanilla questing.
I don't remember the level range, but questing in Plaguelands is probably the biggest difference I noticed in Cata.
Eastern Plaugelands is 40-45, but some of the end quests are a bit tough, you might start there.
The whole western/eastern plaguelands experience is a fun one...

Lorewise it's really interesting... and the characters you meet along the way are pretty epic too. Lots of lols to be had.

I thoroughly enjoyed those zones on my lowbies....

I've also heard that Stonetalon is actually fun these days too. Also, Hillsbrad foothills are brilliant as well. I've never had so much fun questing in wow as I have there. Just make sure you start at the entrance from Silverpine. :)
badlands is the 45-50 zone. Great lore as well.

Punch Deathwing in the face, then get hit with the sad tragedy of Rhea (and a nice trinket).
Tanaris is my favourite <3

Badlands. The Day that Deathwing Came is the best quest chain ever.

Dragon-puncher Theldurin, world-shrinking Lucien, Martek the bisexual orc biker. Everything about it is epic.
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I love the part when we get to take a hot chick with us
felwood has the quest where you get to fight arthas with illidan

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