so how about that Swtor

PvP is awful in SWTOR, can't say anything raid wise. It's just as bad as vanilla WoW, some classes can global someone, others have no damage output whatsoever. Also server lag is terrible, you go to backstab someone and they are actually like 10 feet away from you shooting you in the face. The biggest problem is their resolve system, which is the same as diminishing returns, it pretty much doesn't work if you are anything but a juggernaut.
I've accumulated 25days played on swtor already and have barely thought about WoW. I find pvp great in the game. A lot of people complain about operatives and their ability to kill someone in their 4 sec stun, even though it is possible to counter. Plus they are getting a nerf. Raiding in the game is pretty easy, even on nightmare mode. Gearing for pvp can be a huge pain. Only getting 1 battlemaster token last week was not fun in the slightest. The new Ilum daily and weekly also isnt the best. Without kill trading with republic it can take up to four hours to get the weekly done. The Pvp titles are a grind as well; I need around 55k till 69 and normally achieve 1300-1600valor per warzone.

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