Race for paladin

Human is the best paladin, period.

1% hit is better for ret sure, but human is the best all around, you have your expertise if you wanna go ret or prot, and you got your spirit if you wanna go holy, then you got your EMFH if you wanna go pvp.
If you like a particular race and paladin is available, go with that.
I race changed from human for those 30 points. Now I get to pray that Blizzard makes EM4H less absurdly OP in the future.

ok lets considder the following; you have 30 extra points for your secondary stats. you put these points into mastery. 30 mastery=0.27580645161290322580645161290323 mastery rating (I think it scales linearly).

so anyway .28 mastery is worth 0.58% damage to TV CS and DS. lets look at some H ultra logs and see how this would add up. "anonymous" (not their real name did a grant total of 10,514,004 damage on H 25 ultra, hand of light (the mastery) accounted for 2,111,192 of that damage (20.1%) now lets assume they had an extra 30 mastery, 1224.49136 damage would be gained.

I could do the math on more players but that wouldn't prove anything. the end result is that your racial choice is utterly, meaningless.
For Ret, I think the best choice would be the Draenei for that 1% hit rating. That HoT isn't too bad either for when your in a pinch in PvP and can't cast a FoL or HL.

For Holy, the best choice would be Human for the free trinket (useful for PvP and frees up an extra trinket) and for the increased spirit racial. For PvE you also get the increased rep gain which is pretty nice when your leveling through dungeons.

Lastly, for Prot, I would go with Dwarf because of their stone form ability. This reduces damage taken which can be really useful in PvE and PvP alike. They also get increased expertise with maces if you're ever using one.

Just my opinions. Choose whichever race you'd like. ;)

~ Kalona
Ret: human. Expertise bonus for most of your weaps, and while hit is arguably better (from Draenai), it's not significant due to reforging being available. Throw in the trinket (which in some encounters may increase dps due to more damage uptime) and +rep and you've got a winning race.

Holy: human. Trinket is somewhat useful, +rep is nice, but they're the only race out of the three with an actually good-for-healers racial (+spirit). Gift of the Naaru from the Draenai isn't terrible, but I'd definitely take extra mana regen over a heal which is arguably not as good as the other heals in our arsenal.

Prot: dwarf. When it comes to maces, they get the same bonus as humans. And even though trinket can situationally be best for a tank, Stoneform is going to be more useful more often. And frost resistance never hurt.
I hate these threads so much.

Picking a race because of a minor racial advantage is not a smart idea.

Think about "can I stare at this toon for 85 levels and then on into raiding?"

If the answer is yes, you found your race.

If the answer is no, keep looking.
Tauren are my favorites! :D I'd still be a tauren on this toon if horde pop weren't abysmal on the server she plays on.
Necro from April.

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