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So what did you guys think of the MMMystery episode?

Wasn't expecting that ending though.
I thought it was a good episode and i loved all the references in it. Also i was expecting pinkie to eat that cake eclair chocolate moose doughnut thing they created lol.
All i have to say is

"Who done it?!"
All i have to say is

"Who done it?!"

Who done did dun do it!?
These ponies have no self control D:
Argh! Season Finale is next week! >=(

At least there has been some unofficial hints that Season 3 is more than 13 episodes. But apparently, there's another studio involved alongside DHX Media.
I dont want this season to end, :(
I already feel sad the season is ending.

Hard to believe it's almost been 2 years since this show first aired.
How long do you think the show will go for?
i am sure that the show will last a good few years. 5-6 years at least before planning on G5.
And after a few years, we'd either look at this show with a fond nostalgia or awkwardness.

Hopefully it's the former.
And after a few years, we'd either look at this show with a fond nostalgia or awkwardness.

Hopefully it's the former.

i just hope that the future gnerations will not end up the repeat of G3. G1 was good. nice and dark with fantasy elements. G2 skated on thin ice with dull and shallow characters. G3 is the unholy grail of MLP. everything is dull and bland in G3.
Season 2 is almost at a close, fellow bronies and pegasisters. I enjoyed most episodes, even though some came off as weak (As in the aesop of the episode). But nevertheless, let us have some fun and invent some Raid bosses based off some characters in MLP.


Level ?? Chaos Spirit

Health: ??
Mana: ??


Ugh, this again? Haven't I already made it clear that your friendship is worthless?

Killing a player:

You should see the look on your face! Priceless!

Chaos rules! Celestia drools!

Eh, all I can come up with right now.


Ah, these folks will make fine pawns for me to control! I must thank you my little ponies for bringing them to me! After all, never would I imagine nearly finding myself outmatched by mortals. Nearly. Heheheh, they will become fine agents of chaos and I will send them throughout the lands to spread anarchy and chaos, thus bringing me one step closer to ruling this pathetic world! Once again Twilight Sparkle, it seems like the 'magic of friendship' has failed...
Obviously, as his name implies, Discord, he should be chock-full of Mind Control and Insanity attacks.

We already had a lot of attacks possible from him just watching the show, and Yogg-saron.

For example, in engaging him, you get a debuff like in Yogg-saron, which acts like Sanity, let's call it Friendship. Only reason it's a debuff is so you can't click it off like an idiot, and debuff filters will be open with it.

He will whisper deceit to everyone every few seconds, which removes a few stacks of Friendship, which will act like a DPS race timer.
He'll sometimes use attacks that will quickly drain your Friendship unless aided quickly.
He will also occasionally outright diminish someone's Friendship like with Fluttershy, but it can be avoided.

He will also throw, exploding Chocolate Milk, that will obviously just blow up the general area, doesn't remove Friendship.

Makes floors slippery, increases movement speed by 300% when stepped on and cannot control movement until you hit a wall, which will damage you.

Teleports, attacks a random raid member, and goes to 2nd highest threat.


The difference is, that it will only be a wipe if everyone's debuff has ran out. As you run out of Friendship, all your attacks will do less and less damage, and your heals as well, implying your mistrust to your comrades.

If everyone runs of Friendship out, Discord enrages, I mean laughs, and Mind Controls everyone like Queen Azshara in Well of Eternity, and wipes.

Like in the show, Twilight regained her faith in Friendship from reading her letters to Celestia. So, I believe, that when engaging him, the tanks gains an extra button, that will give back faith to his/her comrades one at a time, like in the show, but with every rekindled Friendship it gets stronger, like real friends, but like in real life, it is very hard to rekindled re-broken friendships, so let's make it usable only once, by the tanks.

Why the tanks? Because Twilight Sparkle.

It's a very messy concept, I'll clean it up when I can.
Sounds good, and maybe the Mane Six could aid the raid during the fight, similar to how the dragon aspects assisted you during DS.

Phase 1 could involve in trying to rescue the Mane Six from Discord's grasp, i.e. like how he incapacitated them (Except TS) during their second confrontation. So phase 1 is a DPS race in trying to rescue them before its too late. During this phase, Discord just tosses explosive chocolate milk and AoE milk rain which 'stuns' raiders in place, mostly just wasting their time.

Phase 2 starts once they are freed and that's where the Friendship-o-meter kicks in. Like you said, Discord starts trying to turn raiders against each other and its up to the tank to keep the raid from falling apart. During this phase, the raid receives buffs from the Mane Six which either affects the Tank, Healers or DPS, depending on which pony is casting it. Discord also spawns mutant adds that aid him through out the fight. After Discord receives enough damage he goes into phase 3 of the fight...

Phase 3 is mainly a soft enrage, as his attacks become more severe and chaotic. He will attack anyone regardless of threat levels, but he is still tauntable by the tank. During phase 3, he uses puppet strings to forcefully take control of a party member and forces them to attack a random pony. The raid must either dispel or CC the raider before he knocks out the pony, which debuffs the entire raid with a severe loss of Friendship, possibly leading to a wipe. However, the Mane Six's buffs are also stronger during this phase and capable of buffing many raiders at once.

Phase 4 is like the Lich King's phase, a scripted scene where Discord knocks out all the raiders in a single blow. During this, he corrupts them all into becoming his champions of chaos and orders them to spread anarchy and madness through out the land in his name. However, TS gives her speech like she did in the show and Harmonizes all the raiders back to normal while the Mane Six hold Discord in place. At this point, the raid just has to nuke him down and he's finished.

Yeah, I have too much time on my hands today. :P
The Powerful & Great Beatrix

Lvl ?? Draenei or BloodElf Mage
Health: ??
Mana: ??

Come one, come all! Come and witness the amazing magic of the Powerful & Great Beatrix!


Hah! You think you're better than the Powerful & Great Beatrix? You think you have more magical talent? Well, come on, show Beatrix what you've got. Show us all.

Killing a player:

Ha! Once again, the Powerful & Great Beatrix has proven herself to be the most amazing mage in all of Azeroth. Was there ever any doubt?


- Summon Spirit Bears.
- Spell Reflects
- Blinding Fireworks
Gem Hunter Mogus

They kidnap a blood elf ambassador, and hold her for ransom.

Lvl ?? Mogus
Health ??
Mana ??

Council Type Fight
Fido, Rover, Spot

Get me the baubles! Get me the beads! Get me the trinkets!

Killing a Player:
Make the noises all you want. But die while you make them. Hyah!

- Earth Spike (or maybe just a hole that appears under a random player) stuns player for a selected amount of time
- Bad Breath
- Mule! -- chains snare/slow on a player -- slowing casting/moving speed by 50%
-- Mule Slap -- player with Mule! gets slapped for 50% of their health and a dot that will do 70% of health damage for the next 15 secs every 3 secs. Effect can be removed if other players kill the chains before Mule Slap is casted

At 10%, the blood elf ambassador becomes free of her chains and whines, causing Gem Hunter Mogus to take 50% more damage.
blizzard, make it happen.
Can you imagine if the fights we just discussed actually happens, but in another skin but still the same idea?
that will be the best raid instance i would ever enter.

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