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After the patch i was getting massive fps lag I normally run at around 80 - 90 fps but was in some cases getting down to almost 10 - 15 fps in heavy combat and wasnt getting above 30fps out of combat.
After going through and turning all my addons off i was back up to 90 fps. I turned them back on 1 at a time and discovered the only addon that affected my fps was Powerauras.
After disabling Powerauras everything was running just like normal with absolutely no fps lag.
Powerauras has always caused big issues on patches especially before new expansions.
I had a problem where it said please choose different folder, I had WoW located in c:\windows.old\program files (x86), so I dragged the Wow folder to c:\program files (x86) then it worked, if you have that problem just drag it to WoWs default Install dir.
Hello since the 5.0.4 update I can no longer connect to my games in French because I must change the realmlist. So where is this realmlist?

set realmlist
set patchlist
realmlistbn set ""
portal was set

(change for)

set realmlist set patchlist 1119/patch
realmlistbn set ""
set portal us

(nothing works)

already 4 years since I played WoW french in server U.S.

( Help please. )
I managed :)
what did you do my friend have the same problem

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