I'm a milllllllionairrrre

That's right boyz. I am a millioniare. 1.5 million G and counting. I believe I'm the richest person in all of Baelgun.

Bow to your QUEEN

naaa, naaa, naaaa, na......naaa, naaaa, naaaaa, na, hey hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Gooood Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hmmm ... If I actually believed in "occupy" I would point and yell "1% over there... Get them! Get them!!!"

But, I understand that was earned with your own sweat and tears. You worked hard and were rewarded proportionately for your efforts.

I, therefore, commend you on a job well done :) I aspire to be like you some day, so I too, can enjoy the luxuries in life which include vanity pets and mounts.

You are my idol, the wind beneath my wings ... You are proof positive that, yes, it CAN be done! You are hope, positive energy! A light, a beacon in the mists!

Ok, that'll be 100g for the public boot licking I just gave you ... I'm a capitalist too ;)
Yeah, no.
You are by far not the richest on Baelgun I am good friends with several people who have over 1.5mil.
Well. I dunno. Someone always has a "friend" who has this or that. Since none of us can see what anyone has, I suppose it's the honor system - unless of course they have posted screen prints. I'd love to see it.

Regardless. Bowwwwww to your Queen
01/02/2012 03:01 PMPosted by Chandrace
Regardless. Bowwwwww to your Queen

you will always be fat and ugly also
I lol'd at your silly little amount of gold. I gave away more than that.
Sure ya did Phil.

Bow to your Queen boyzzzzzzzz.

and feel free to link a picture with an altoholic or similar add-on showing the totals if I'm truly beat.

The OG goblins on the server know what's up.

<Huge Meteor>
Sure they do Pill.

Screenshot or Bow to your Queen!!!!!
I can confirm you're not the richest on Baelgun.
If only Medvedev were still here...
3 million and counting NEXT!
isn't the cap like 10m? IDK i'm poor so I wouldn't know =/ Send me money! I'm poor! :'(
I've spent more than that on mounts. Been gold capped on a few toons for a while. I'm far from impressed and only a scrub would think that is a lot of gold.

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