I love sitting in 40 min ques and then it still never pops WOOOOOOO
what baby
woah im telling holden
:( but but the ques are driving me insane :( cant do RBGs unless we pick up low 1500 kids and we get a insta pop and its a 2600 team :((((((((((((((
Is this it?
this is the biggest load of crap
Woah, calm down buddy.
what is this? i dont even
what, only thing you can do is
and....of all the classes in the game.....................................................the rogue says something what is this madness
If you love sitting in the queue, why do you care if it doesnt pop?
12/30/2011 04:48 PMPosted by Shøww
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/rexxar/Sh%C3%A0d/achievement#95:15092 do you even know what a que is?

I know what a que is, apparently you have no idea what a que is.

I can only assume you are talking about a Queue.
no wonder youve never been past 1400
Whats a que?
I dont know i got 2200 and havent gotten a que since
Working as intended.
12/30/2011 04:53 PMPosted by Raíchu
Whats a que?

BBQ? Perhaps, would be my guess. Who doesnt like a good Barbeque.

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