ILvl 390/Resto Druid LF a Solid Raiding Guild


I am currently on a West coast server and have moved to the East coast. I'm looking for a solid raiding guild to start a new journey with. I'''m currently alliance but would witch to horde. I understand that drama is everywhere but would like to avoid it if possible. I am in in the Military but my schedule is pretty much concrete. I can at the minimum make 90% of all raids unless duty calls. Here are my stats:




As I read through this I realized I didn't say anything about what I'm looking for in a guild. I would like to be part of a 25 man guild ( 10 would work but prefer 25). I'd prefer the hours to start around 8 p.m to midnight, weekdays or weekends. I'm an excellent healer and geared for heroic DS and but my are prepared to come and dps as well (with a little more gear). My Real ID is Please contact me in game if you think I could assist your guild in progression. I've cleared 6/8 on 25 DS and 5/7 H FL. Thank you for reading and hoping for a new home shortly!!
Check out Lowered Expectations, we're kinda small but looking for DPS and even some heals. Look us up on

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