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We are back for 10 mans for the end of cata and soon the new MOP expansion. 2/8H DS 10.

We have a fairly hardcore mind set of learning from mistakes quickly, taking criticism well and getting !@#$ done in the allotted time.

Current needs:

2 non priest healers
1 Boomy
1 Mage
1 non rogue melee dps

We are currently recruiting for what we need with a few backup to ensure no shows will not interrupt regular raiding. Core spots are available but we are opting for competition and flexibility with class balancing.

What we are looking for:
- Players devoted to getting the most out of raiding (not just loot)
- Players who get a kick downing challenging content
- Players who give 100% while in a raid, every time
- Players who know their class and are geared for the content

What we don't want:
- Players who just raid for loot (including rogues and their daggers)
- Players who don't show up

We are fairly strict on the no showing, if you cannot raid you must inform someone 24 hours in advance by in game mail forums or text message. Attendance is key to us and no showing will only get you the gkick/demotion to non raiding position.

Current raid days are tuesday and thursday 5:30 - 8:30 server.

Any questions comments or interests in the positions available (or even ones that are not) please message Ddray or Alaruz in game or send mail. Website is up http://hloth.webs.com/

Bumpity Boo
Congratulations are in order for slaying ANY dragon, however, if I ever see you in the field of battle you will know what defeat is.

It means you will lose to Maximillion.

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