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I was wondering if this would be a good laptop to run WoW. I'm looking to play on max settings for everything other than raiding. I've also never owned a lenovo so if you've had experience with one was it a good or bad one? Thanks
It looks like it checks out =D

You might also want to try the gaming and hardware forums should you return back :)
personally i would go with a desktop(~$600) you can run most games on ultra and still get more then 60fps. also this laptop dose not have a 1080p screen not a big deal tho.
I would rather suggest you go with AMD A-Series based laptop like this one:

Tvana is right though; unless you NEED laptops, desktop is a better deal
Forget laptops.

Limited in max ram capability

No way to upgrade things like processors, graphics etc.

Get a desktop.

I am typing this on my laptop and I know I made a serious mistake not buying a desktop.

Have a great day.

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