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Bug Report
I found a bug in the quest [Return of the Friendly Dryskin] found within Sholazar Basin, for the quest chain to do Oracles dailies. If you kill Artruis the Heartless to quickly, then neither NPC under his control will not become hostile as they are suppose to during the fight. The player will gain access to daily after the fight, but the speed kill prevents player from getting [Return of the Friendly Dryskin] quest to open up the dailies. I believe with more players skipping over Sholazar Basin, while leveling and coming back at level 85, this will become a growing problem now that the Artruis is a non-elite npc with only 20k health. It took me several days, and speaking to Game Masters to realize the problem, and I think this may become a continuing issue that GMs will be ticketed about as players won't know they have missed an important bread-crumb quest.
yeah I'm screwed. can't accept that quest now
Generally speaking breaking a script due to greatly out-gearing or out-leveling the content isn't considered a bug since it's not the script/event that's doing something wrong it's you that's doing something that it's not designed to handle.

Just remove your weapons and/or some other gear and only auto-attack in order to not kill the mobs too quickly and let the script run it's coarse.
tried doing that. and that not working for me. so I'm screwed
This bug is still happening to me as of 4.3.2. Tried killing him slowly as well, didn't work. Why wasn't this fixed?
yes its still not working for me.
02/27/2012 06:50 PMPosted by Erugalas
yes its still not working for me.

It's not bugged, per say. You're killing the Lich too quickly and breaking the script. Kill him *slowly* until the 2 npc's unfreeze, then kill the proper one of them, then after the remaining npc goes friendly, finish off the Lich.

You can then talk to the surviving npc and pick up his quests to continue to the dailies.
the problem isnt the speed in which u kill him.. if u one shot him both npc's have a daily quest pop up, but once u complete frenzyheart champion or hand of the oracles the following quests return of the lich hunter, and return of the friendly dryskin dont become available. ive tried both ways on 2 diff toons and it doesnt work either way.. there IS A BUG and it needs to be fixed
Yea just happend to me and i was using my 77 so i didnt kill him to quickly it just never gave it to me
Still not fixed, just had this bug happen to me. So much for my drake for now. Did kill in about two hits so i am assuming that was the problem.
Battled Artruis on my lvl 77 unholy death knight. I was killing him slowly.... at 30%, nothing happened, and he eventually died. Did not release Jaloot or Zepik. Thought, "uh oh". Got the blue "!" and honored with Oracles, but no dailies. No problem, just repeat, right? Repeated about 8 times over 2 days, and never given final quest.

Submitted a ticket, explaining I've done the quest on several other toons, and it's acting wacky. Waited a few days, and saw I had mail from customer service. Hearthed and opened mail. A kind GM informed me that Blizzard does not give game hints. Even directed me to Wowhead as a bonus ! Sent an "I wasn't asking for a game hint; the final quest is not appearing as it should" snappy ticket.

Tried again several more times, and suddenly, Jaloot has a yellow "!" and I get the final "return of the friendly dryskin" quest, and dailies...!

After doing the same event the same way about 12 times, I finally get he final quest. I'm no expert, but I'm throwing my vote into the "this quest is bugged" category. Evidently, you just gotta keep trying.... and trying. (Go Kings!)
I had the same problem - I went back the next day and melee the lich with my fishing pole until she sent them after me and I was able to kill the one - that worked and I got the dailies.

used the same tactics with another toon right from the get go and it worked also.
what you have to do is kill slowly until they are chained if u went fast restart kill the one you want to then wait for dialog to finish kill lich and get the daily and normal quest. if it doesnt work lather rinse and repeat the previous steps
What a joke, I'm killing it as slowy as I can with my fists, and in the end jaloot kills it and I still don't get given the dailies.....

Ok after my 15th attempt killing it slowly with most of my gear off and using my fishing pole they both just disappear?? fantastic...
same problem...i killed the lich too fast the first time, so i went back and did it again, wait until they get controlled, kill zepik and then the lich. still no final quest. c'mon blizz.
Still not fixed........ I have tried killing with my fists about 15 times and still nothing. This is seriously frustrating
Same happend to me, even if you go back and kill Artuis slow. If you had accept 'hand of the oracles' wuest while Jaloot is still frozen, then you can no longer accept 'Return of the friendly dryskin'... I just wanted my mount :(
Okay I managed to get it to work. I was having the same problem as "Williamholdn".

The thing is that after you accept the daily from the frozen Jaloot and break the script, you just have to wait until the daily resets. I went back the next day and DPS'd Artuis slowly to allow him to initiate phase two and free Jaloot. I managed to redo the daily and get the follow up quest from the freed Jaloot.

Artuis does indeed initiate his phase two at about 30% hp, but he would only do so after casting his 10 hour long frostbolt.

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