<LoW> 25 man Frostmourne LFM 16/16N 3/16H

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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We're LFM to push progression into MoP and beyond!

LoW has been raiding together for years, some members having been in the guild since early BC. Our previous server's population was in decline so we moved to Frostmourne a couple of months ago looking for a larger population of experienced raiders. Interested in joining LoW? Then please read on!


Healing/dps Monks, boomkin/Feral dps druid, Rogues, Warlocks, DK dps

Exceptional applicants from all classes will be considered, especially any strong DPS.

Mists of Pandaland

MV 6/6 Normal, 3/6 Heroic 25 man
HoF 6/6 Normal 25 man
ToeS 4/4 Normal 25 man

Dragon Soul

8/8 Heroic on farm since 15%.

Firelands Progression:

25m: 6/7

Purple birds done.
Raid Times

8:00 to 11:30pm Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon.

We want raiders we can depend on. We expect our raiders to attend at least three of these nights whilst understanding that sometimes RL things do come first! Invites start at 7:45.

What are we looking for in a raider?

A Successful applicant will have:

* Previous experience with high end content
* Knowledge of your class and a desire to push your limits
* Geared to the best of your ability – including the very best enchants, gems (+40 is ok if it's not BiS) and profession bonuses.
* A sense of humour (well... not necessary but always a bonus!)As always, a well thought out and well written application will greatly improve your chances of receiving a trial.


All the support you expect from a large raiding guild including pots, flasks, food, gems, enchants and guild repairs.

Apply NOW!

WTB love from DPS and Healer applicants!!
WTB love from some quality Resto Druid apps!
Mage, Holy Pally, Shadow Priest and Druid Tank kgo!!
Mage, Holy Pally, Druid Tank, Ret Pally positions all need some lovin'
Currently looking at quality apps from all classes!
Progression updated, now looking at all exceptional raiders, esp Hunters and Mages!!
New website: http://lowguild.wowstead.com
Progression updated, Hunter + (almost) all exceptional raiders wanted!
Now also looking for an exceptional Warlock!!! Hunters and Mages also in short supply :)
Looking forward to apps from all classes that can pew pew from a distance!!!!
Bump for resto Druid, ele shaman, hunter, warlock. All core raid positions.
how woul du like a disc or holy priest??
03/07/2012 09:15 PMPosted by Alyesia
how woul du like a disc or holy priest??

A skilled one would def be looked at.

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