<LoW> 25 man Frostmourne LFM 16/16N 3/16H

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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need a ret/prot pally ?
398 resto druid


add my real id for more samroucher@gmail.com
We are in need of good healers. Feel free to app at lowguild.com Adelphiaa.
Up, up and away!!
bump for 8/8 hm

tier is over, recruiting for MoP.
Grats guise!
what happened to ashting?
04/19/2012 06:51 PMPosted by Stush
what happened to ashting?
he quit the game :<
Up, up and away!
need resto druid and all exceptional players (class no bar)
Interested in a enhance shammy?
we have an enh shaman. i am not sure we looking for another unless dps is really high

looking for
resto druid
moonkins (have 0 in raid)
priest/shaman healers
Well im 396ivl if that is better than your other
But i am also more than happy to heal for you if needed? i have a 388 resto os, which can be easily geared higher and i have xp healing all of normal along with HM morchok,Yors and Ultrax. just looking for a home that will give me an opportunisty to show what i can do (:
Apply away then!
Currently spots open for resto shaman, resto druid, shadow priest, boomkins, warrior dps, rogue and Claz!
Up and atom!
Spots open in many classes, lowguild.com!!
Had any luck convincing claz to come back ?
would a casual applicant be accepted?
Back up to the top, recruitment needs updated for a strong push into MoP and beyond!!!

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