PvP and dungeon gear

Ok I am set on my PvP gear and weapons for now.
I like doing dungeons best but am having a hard time grouping with random players b/c they have been flaking out a lot this week. I dont want to keep wearing my PvP gear b/c it brings my Hit % down to about 7% vs random gear which was giving me about 10%. Is there gear pieces just for dungeons? Is it acceptable to have mismatched sets?
Sorry I played a long time ago but didnt get far so Im still learning. Thanks for any help.
Are you speaking from your current level? If that's the case, don't even worry about it while leveling; wear whatever you have that is good. Eventually you'll find a better piece and start phasing the pvp stuff out. For the hit situation, I never worried about hit once while leveling and never had an issue. It's really not a stat you need to sweat until raid bosses become a factor. Hit cap at 85 is 961 (8%) so sometime around 83-84 you might want to start aiming for 6% which is the heroic hit cap for when you ding 85 and want to get the gear from the new heroics.

Once you hit 85, however, this changes. Yeah, you'll definitely want a PVP set (gear with a secondary stat of resilience) and a second for PVE because resilience is wasted in PVE and the stats on the item could have gone for crit, haste, or mastery. Some of the enchants/gemming may be different as well. There is no penalty for mixing and matching PVP and PVE gear (besides the resilience being a waste in PVE, and PVE gear giving no resilience in PVP). In fact, I'm wearing 2 pieces of the Tier 13 PVE gear with my 'PVP set' because I want the 2 piece bonus. Likewise, I use my PVP bow for PVE because it's a DPS upgrade from my Firelands bow until I'm fortunate enough to get a new one.

TL; DR: use whatever works for now, it's fine.

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