Blizz needs a ilvl BG system queue

Every BG I join so many afk, so many no gems, enchants. Its been 5-6 weeks this season so far. Except 40 mans, I usally inspect every person before the game starts and today I don't think I saw a single player with at least 2 cata s12 peices. I play for fun, rack up kills. I never honor farm except the first day or two of the season.

Please install some sort ilvl bracket for bgs please. I know people 390-395-400+ illvl most of them that I see play for fun and owning more than just seen AFK the entire game. mostly because they aren't honor bots.

Yes RBG's are 100% more fun than random Bg's because people try and everyone is evenly geared, challenge factor. But I can't RBG 24/7 like I can random Bg's. This would make even playing field and most likey cut out alot of people with zero interest in playing themselves (bots).
I agree, but on the opposite side of the spectrum, I play PVP only once in a while, I'd appreciate an ilvl bracket system for the BG's because I never really have the time to build up my pvp gear and I hate getting stomped 20 times in the first 10 minutes by people with the gear and gem/enchants.
Not really needed, especially since the difference between the top gear & the crafted gear won't be like it was last season (i.e. new expansion). As for AFKers, people that don't gem/enchant gear, etc. you will always have those deadbeats even with players being separated by item level.

Also a lot of players have quest greens & blues due to the new expansion & it doesn't make sense to enchant them because in a week you won't be wearing them. Just let the dust settle & BGs should be better in a couple of weeks.

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