[H]Shift 6/6H 3/6H 10m Dath'Remar LF Tank

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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ret and possibly bear tank.
bump for 7/8H. Still need a RET, and a bear.
ret found....i hope

after a bear tank for MoP
8/8H realm 2nd, great work on this first tier as our own guild. Makin' me a so proud *teary eyes*
bump for a bear tank and 1 leather wearing/monk melee dps heading into MoP
looking for a resto shaman for MoP raiding
ELE*/resto shaman for MoP raiding, must be compitent at both specs. derp harder next time kailone. Also looking for a rogue/monk dps for MoP.
we're still looking for a ele/resto and a rogue for MoP. check out our web site.
I whip my hair in a back and forth motion.
Ashes is a scrub, and he loves to gobble the saus. And his bestie, drak (ele/resto/enhace) who is totes better than him may be interested :3
Hey mate, currently your not what we're looking for thanks anyway. Still after an Ele/resto and a rogue.
This guild is most likely the best thing Horde-Dath has to offer. Spoken to a few of these guys many times while I was Horde. great bunch of players and great people. All the best guys in your 25 endeavour
Thanks! Good to see we have a nice reputation as we do try and present a good image :) Though we aren't going 25 man not unless Blizzard confirm a split lockout or something silly like that. Just recruiting for our 10 man team at the moment :)

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