[H]Shift 6/6H 3/6H 10m Dath'Remar LF Tank

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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ele/resto and a rogue pleaseeeeee! :D
where you all at!
bump it up!
rogue plox
After a rogue. Trialling a shaman though still feel free to apply.
Trialling a rogue, after a Ret Pally, bonus if you have a holy offspec.
After a ret, bonus if you can play holy too :D
Ret or Boomkin. Bonus if u can heal
bump it up
Recruitment closed for now. Any exceptional players feel free to apply as you will be taken into consideration.
LF warr/pally tank "Qar" raiding team.
LF Holy Pally also
^ and 1 or two exceptional dps for said team

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