4.3.2 PTR and New File Optimization Tech

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Why did the original post not saying about the potential for large downloads being required? If you wanted to give players a heads up, that seems like one of the most important points to cover.
Sounds like a great idea... except it stops at 10% or so and I can no longer play wow :( great patch. I got a Customer Support rep to email me instructions to 'fix it' and it got me no where except all my settings will be reset once again.. thanks!

There's a reason they say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
I had no problem with the optimization, but I feel sorry for all the folks that are having problems. I have read all the posts in this thread, and the major consensus is Blizz fails, YET AGAIN. Just another fine example of how 12 billion dollars a year in Blizztard's coffers DOES NOT buy competent programmers or techs, or what have you. Pretty sad, really.

Now, on the other hand, there's currently a major latency issue that is affecting many people right now, many people on my realm are complaining of it, myself included. This just ties in with the general 'Blizz fails' theory.



I had no trouble at all on two of my machines. My laptop which is somewhat slow took about 30 mins instead of 15 mins, but my desktop took less than 15 mins. Since the optimization everything is running faster in the game. I'm happy with it, but I agree there should have been an option to run it later. While my machines patched up just fine, I still got affected by it because one of our core raid members was stuck optmizing and downloading way past start time.
Gotta say I didn't have the same experience some of these folks are complaining about. Granted my PC and connection are still nice (built during Win7 beta / WotLK Naxx raiding), but it only took a bit under 8 of the estimated 15min to get squared away.

As to the tech itself - great idea and well done. Sadly it seems that a lot of the complaints mis-understood how this deviates from prior patching.

Not sure about the SSD complaints early in the thread - something is definitely wrong with that rig when you compare it to my Raid of 2x30GB ssds (early gen SSDs at that, if you note the build era) which I've had pretty much maxed (90~100%) ever since build...and have yet to see any negative consequences. Hell, win7 and wow are enough to crush a 60G boot-drive. Perhaps people with SSD problems haven't disabled virtual memory like I did on day1.../shrug.
Thank you, sir. May I have another?
What a waste of time!!! Guess I'll just stick with SWTOR while waiting for blizz to figure out how to make this game work properly (I thought it worked well already). Thanks for making the switch easy, haven't been able to play WOW for a couple days and now and the down loader wants to download 13gb, ridiculous. At least SWTOR works when I want it (so far)!
Seems like this actually improved game performance on my second PC. /thumbs up
01/05/2012 09:01 AMPosted by Nethaera
Because of that you may see them appear more frequently with patches.

I don't like that idea. It takes too long and there should be an option to postpone it if it's going to be done that frequently.
Lol, this new "optimization" will not let me log in. Hooray. Been like that for a bout a week.
So I've only been on 1% for the past god damn week. What the hell? "Blizzard updater won't work". I've restarted, repaired and looked into everything I could to find a problem but the only solution I see is reinstalling all of WoW.

Whoopdie !@#$ing doo.

Thats how I want to spend my time and money, being stuck at 1% trying to "optimize". Ugh
They are probably removing assets from content we will never see again.
01/05/2012 05:06 PMPosted by Aurune
If this requires us to re-download anything we already have, it sounds terrible for people like me who take 40 hours to download wow in the first place.

It only does if you tried to patch, by running wow.exe like I have for the last six/whatever years:

I made this mistake just now, before reading posts about this patch. This one breaks your wow if you do that. Now I have a 14.9 gig download. Ah well, only 10 gig to go!

So I changed my shortcut to launcher.exe now.
So when will the PTR be back up?
all it's telling me to do is run the repair...i do that, and still the same error msg pops up, grrr...i even uninstalled any software that would clash, and same error msg!!!...anyone have any ideas???
I've been playing since vanilla. I'm pretty sure the pourpose of patches is to fix things. WoW has turned into a complete mess since recent patch. I had to open 5 tickets in 1 week. The quality of the game has been regressing to vanilla derp-ness. For the love of god make madness fight 1 big platform or fix the jumping buff.
How about you all add world pvp questing back in the game for high end players like in outlands my fav. part of the game was the pvp quest going and fight over the towers. Not enough pvp content in the game anymore for high end players. Please fix this issue a lot of people i know are complains about it.

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