4.3.2 PTR and New File Optimization Tech

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Why in the world I would need a disk space optimization I got 5TB disk with only wow installed on it WHY THE HECK I WOULD NEED AN OPTIMIZATION!! Blizz, dude I just wanted to play just that I dont want to download 3GB right now just to log in :(
Cheers for the extra download, it's really nice when you have a 40GB bandwidth cap you're already struggling to meet (and there is no bigger plan available). Guess I'm going to be spending a day or two on dial-up speed over here in NZ.

Clearly this has no relevance for most of your player base, which have no (or an unrealistically large) cap, but for those of us who don't have that luxury, it would be nice if we had a choice in a well-meaning but ultimately unnecessary optimisation.
thi soptimization is bs and doesnt work bravo blizz for another failure and im stuck for several more months cause fo anual pass and no way to cancel this game is beocming a pits more than fun anymore im dreading buying the annual pass mroe each day
this computer is almost brand new 8gb ram quad core processor 520gb of 1tb avail on hard drive wow is installed on etc this crap is still not even going to 5% nad been several hours wtb a no ty option
Soo.... 2 hours later and it is still "reconfiguring game files". I have made sure that my virus protection software did not block it and normally my computer downloads fast. (It was bought mostly to run WoW). It has not even begun to TRY to download. It is still barely sitting past the beginning of the bar and has yet to move. Can I just download the patch the old way because if this is going to take this long each time, I'll just retire from WoW again. =/
The new tech we’re testing with the 4.3.2 PTR will render you completely unable to patch on raid night.

Fixed that for you.
i7 3Ghz, 4gb ram, 4 gb HD space, 1 gb video card .... and I'm waiting for over an hour.

Disabled KIS - no help.

Defraged PC - no help.

Shut down all programs but WoW Launcher - no help.

Yeah, I'm !@#$%in... I'm also posting this in case someone else is looking for ways to help speed this thing up.. move along...

Knowing my luck, there's 3 guys sitting at Blizzard updating everyone in real time....

I agree with previous posts - let us determine if we wanna do this or not.

Can't believe this was not discovered during PTR...

Read over at Wowhead a great suggestion, which is pretty decent.

Shut down the launcher. Go into your Wow directory and run the background downloader. That will move things along quite quickly. When that's done, launch Wow and let the updater do it's thing.


(p.s. this was originally posted here by Catadruid earlier today but got lost in the forums... original battle.net post is at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3988299642?page=1#1)
So... sat through about 45 mins of optimization and it didnt reduce my install one bit... Data folder is still sitting at 33.4gb, friends tell me theres is only 23gb... The hell?
Worked the same on all 3 of my installs. Took ~30 minutes to optimize, then pushed me back to version 4.3.0*** and downloaded ~1.3gb of updates. Install folders all went from 28gb to 22.5gb.
kiss principle FTW

fail tech
Typical blizzard.

*Install this!*

*game dies*

"Wasn't us! It's YOUR computer."
I don't know what people are whinging about, mine did it all in 15 mins works fine..., But i guess thats because my net runs a 89.51M ... but overall it worked perfect.
Can Bliz go back to that time-consuming process thingy? re-instaling doesn't seam like much of a solution, and will i have to reinstall for the next patch?
"The entire process will take approximately 15 minutes under normal condtions."

What god did I piss off enough to be stuck at an unplayable launcher since yesterday?
fix ur soft blizzard
Most terrible patch ever. I didn't NEED to save a couple gigs of space. My hard drive is huge. Yet now I'm out for at least a month due to the gigantic 8 gig download I have. I can't believe Blizzard took no consideration for all the people in the states that don't have non capped internet. You should have just made us download the 55mb patch to play and then make the clean up an OPTION. At most they should have only taken inventory of what files could be optimized and then let us gradually download updated files into a separate folder at our leisure until we had everything we needed to replace old ones. Not being able to play because I don't have the good fortune of pristine Fiber Optic availability with no caps sucks.

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