LFM for Rated Battlegrounds - Mon and Fri 8pm

Natural Affinity is looking for PvPers to fill the ranks of our second RBG team that runs 8pm Mon and Fri each week. We are currently looking for Melee and Ranged DPS and Healers. We don't require players to change guilds to run with us. Just show up, be prepared, be skilled and have a good attitude.

As a little history, we started running last season as we had run off from our first RBG run by Ez and Kaiden. We consistently run in the 1600 to 1700 range but have been as high as 1800 for MMR. The only thing holding us back is getting a consistent group of players.

So if you're interested feel free to drop a line here or ingame to Frenshurgen, Maristy or Dillion. As well, you can visit Natural Affinity on the web at na.shivtr.com
Sign Altyera up for Monday nights.
id be down..
I've added both of you to the invite. Let me know if you have any questions. Still looking for more!
bump for Friday's RBG

start time is 8PM
Can I follw Altyera around and just steal the kills? :P I have this button called flash heal but still havent figured it out yet.
Tried looking you guys up last Friday about 8:15ish but no one was on. I will be on again tonight about the same time.

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