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4/10 for cloth BoA
-5 for being a Dorf
+2 for being Resto

01/19/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Delargu
You don't have any PvE progression so that makes me upset, but it's not for everyone :P You're a PvPer,

actually started to gear for pve today so im going to start to give raids a shot
-5 for being a Dorf
+2 for being Resto


+10 for Shaman with Legendary.
-1 for being Alliance scum.
9.5/10, excellent raid progression and gearing
8/10 for the pvp gear with ur pve set

10/10 lots of content seen :) geared for heric DS .. very nice

+10 for being a shammy

-3 for not so much progression <3
I could not get to do any progression at all most of my 6+ years every group I ran with, failed or bailed when the going got tough. I could not find any regular progression group with a spot open, looking (and for the life of me I spammed trade chat for years to the annoyance of those on my server) . aka no regular raid groups had spots opening

circumstance prevented me from doing the progression (against my will) . So you cant fault me for lack of effort. Now that these locked-in regular raid groups are falling apart on my server, I FINALLY CAN DO PROGRESSION. CAPS DELIBERATE.

Frustrated..... you have no clue by*** orders of magnitude** how frustrated I am for not even getting a chance to do the raids in WoLTK because none were recruiting, guild i was in would not or couldn't organize even a simple raid or "sorry our group is full "

At least SWTOR gave me an opening to a regular raid group *******FINALLY AFTER 6 YEARS******* and believe me, I seriously tried. At least i got with a regular group for dragon soul for the current top end raid (we're on ultraxion normal currently)

I consider you exceptionally lucky for getting a spot in a group
8\10 Got gear. Now you just need to progress.

**i just xfered my char last week havnt played it in forever.

- Mediocore Gear
- Male Draenei
- For a character you have not played in forever, you look great!

- Mediocore Gear
- Male Draenei
- For a character you have not played in forever, you look great!


you have ALOT of spirit lol, dunno that may help for you, but for me I think that's a tad too much.

Go easy on me! D:
7/10 good gear need alittle more haste but you've cleared 8/8 you need a shield not an off hand also imo but other then that your good =)
@ Draginfist

I don't know Enhance that well, but your DW 403 No'Kaled's so lucky you.

Your enchanting/gemming seem to be ok but on your wrists you have reforged mastery into expertise, I am sure there is something else you could do to get that expertise than reforging out of your best stat.

8.5/10 from someone who is semi clueless on Enhance.

10 for being ele\enh
-1 for being a goblin

@ Rorshak

-1 for being Draenei
-1 for no gem on helm
-1 missing enchants

@ Battledud

10 for twinking
-1 for the resto trinket
-1 for non-maxed (to level cap) professions.


9/10 ring and neck could use an upgrade.
+9 for great gear
-1 for rolling horde
-1 for being so ugly

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